Top Ten Tuesday

I know, I know! Stop yelling at me already. Here is this week’s Top Ten Tuesday.

Top Ten TuesdayMay 12: Ten Authors I REALLY Want To Meet (And I’m including dead or alive).

1) Edgar Allen Poe – Because who doesn’t want to meet this lunatic and find out if he was actually crazy or just somewhat distburbed.

2) Sherrilyn Kenyon – Mostly because I’ve read almost everything she has published and I adore her work and characters so much that I just want her to tell more of their dirty little secrets through all of the intersecting plot lines!

3) Patricia Briggs – Because she is also amazing and I just can’t get enough of her characters and fast-paced plots. Unconditional love…a conversation about that would definitely need to happen.

4) Anne Bishop – Because I really need to know if there is a real man she based Daemon on and if there is a way for me to marry him. Strong and beautiful characters and relationships. I want to live in her world.

5) Jane Austen – Because her ideas were ahead of their time and she was feminist writing strong female heroines (not just protagonists) long before it was acceptable to do so.

6) Rick Riordan – Because I never want his stories to end and I need to know what happens next…for the rest of Percy Jackson’s, hopefully long and happy, life.

7) C.S. Lewis – Because even though his books have religious undertones, I would still love to know what people of the time thought of them and what it was like to sit in a bar with Tolkien.

8) Robert Frost – Because his soul speaks to my own and I would love to curl up in front of a fire on a snowy day and have him read his poems to me aloud.

9) J.K. Rowling – Because who doesn’t want to meet her? It would be great to hear if she has come up with anything more for the future lives of Harry and the gang. How she pictures them now…perhaps as grandparents?

10) Cinda Williams Chima – Because she is colorful and creative and has bold worlds where lives and fates are intertwined and I would love to hear more about all of it.

Bonus: Gail Carriger – Because she is my new favorite and I would love to sip tea and eat biscuits with her while discussing the lives and fates of her characters…preferably in London.

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