Month: December 2015

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday

December 8: Top Ten New-To-Me Favorite Authors I Read For The First Time In 2015

As 2015 is not yet over and I do have a couple of other new authors to try, some may be bumped from this list. In no particular order:

Kimberly McCreight

Nick Spaulding

Victoria Aveyard

Holly Smale

Jessica Spotswood

Brandon Mull

Eoin Colfer

Janet Evanovich

John Flanagan

Jessica Day George


Top Ten Tuesday: Dec 1

I’m trying to keep up to date with all of these, honestly, but with finals starting I feel behind again, so here is the Top Ten Tuesday from last week for you 🙂

Top Ten Tuesday

December 1: Top Ten 2016 Debuts Novels We Are Looking Forward To. I altered mine a bit and haven’t heard of enough titles to create a full list but here it is.

Burning Midnight by Will McIntosh – YA debut novel, magical spheres that give powers, teens in a race against time, a new discovery that could change the world

The Crown’s Game by Evelyn Skye – The last two enchanters left in the world pitted against one another in a fight to the death for power and privilege

Please Don’t Tell by Laura Tims – Twin sisters try to uncover the truth of what happened to an assaulter, one is being blackmailed, and both must make sacrifices

Eligible by Curtis Sittenfield – A modern retelling of the classic Pride & Prejudice, a contemporary twist on a personal favorite featuring the same colorful cast in a new way

Alcatraz vs. the Evil Librarians by Brandon Sanderson – Not a new author but a new series about a boy, a bag of sand, and a secret society out to steal it from him

The Hidden Oracle by Rick Riordan – Also not a new author, but an all time favorite. This new series will be about the trials and difficulties of Apollo, an interesting character for sure.

I also read about a new upcoming book, which is currently in manuscript form but I can’t seem to find my note about it. The title is Word World and is about a reality where words can shape and change the world around people based on use. They have actual power. Sounds incredible and if I find out more, I will let you know!


‘Tis the season…for finals. Yay!

Just kidding.

But seriously, it’s finals time at my house and it’s no fun. At the time of writing this, however, there is little left to be done, thankfully! I have turned in two presentations and one paper. I still have presentation responses to complete, an end of the year discussion board post, and one final paper. Then I will be home free!

What do I plan to do with this spare time I will have from next Tuesday until Jan 25th? Why, I plan to read, of course! Also, I will watch movies, buy and wrap presents, celebrate Christmas, see my boyfriend and my family, visit with friends, have a cocktail or two, go to the gym, and any other activities which might happen to catch my eye.

All in all, I’m hoping that it will be a refreshing experience that will rejuvenate me enough to finish my last semester strong. I expect it will still be mostly fueled by adrenaline, panic, caffeine, hard work, and endorphins but I’m okay with that. Basically par for the course with grad school and college in general.

What’s on your to-do list for this month?