…Three Months Later

I can’t believe it’s been three months since I’ve posted! What a crazy time this has been. And WordPress has just informed me that it’s also been two years since I began this adventure! Even crazier.

First, my life update: I have officially graduated from grad school! Woo! Woo! (Picture courtesy of my aunt.)

kat's graduationI now possess a Master of Library Science degree…and now have to find something to do with it. I have been applying to as many jobs as I qualify for and realize that it might not be as easy as it was when I graduated college the first time. I may have to take a step back and get a full time job in an office again if things don’t pick up. Which wouldn’t be too bad except that I would severely miss my library. I love what I do, I honestly do. So I am looking into other options. And realized that I need to start writing again if I ever hope to become published. I could definitely work at my library part-time and write freelance and work on my novel and pay the bills, I think. At this time, there is only an inkling of a plan and the pressure to settle into one. Mostly from myself as I am my own worst critic. Hopefully that means I will also be able to pay more attention to all of you again. Working six days a week and then dealing with finals did not make it easy on me. But I see that I am almost to 200 followers and I just gained a new one a couple of months ago! That is amazing news to me.

Here’s what I plan to publish in the next couple of days:

  1. Updated book lists, i.e. what I have read since the last update, some Top Ten Tuesdays, and what I am currently reading/loving
  2. Recipes!! I have been brushing up on my cooking skills and have been really enjoying tweaking recipes I found online and giving them my own twist
  3. An original story or poem for your reading pleasure

There are probably some other things as well but we’ll take that as it comes. Thank you for your patience and time. You’re rockstars and I can’t wait to share more with you soon! 🙂


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