What I’m Reading

currently reading 6.8.16

I was so ecstatic to begin the new Chima that I started the day I got it, which happened to be my birthday. Unfortunately, I haven’t picked it up since because a character I loved met an untimely demise and I couldn’t bear to continue. I understand it is necessary for the continuation of the story but the Seven Realms was just so perfect and this sort of shattered that world for me…no pun intended.

Grave Peril is amazing but it’s taking me awhile to get through as it is in audiobook format. I listed to some of it on CD in the car, some via Audible on the way to and from graduation but I have a hard time concentrating on listening without visual for long periods of time so it’s taken longer than I would like. That being said, I am immensely enjoying the Dresden Files and there could not be a better narrator for the character than James Marsters. Absolutely amazing. And the plot, while a bit convoluted or unexplained in places, such as the intro of a new character with no explanation or backstory, are quite entertaining.

Sleeping Giants is a new acquisition that I am already two-thirds completed. The style is like a McCreight, made up not of simple prose and story-telling but journal entries and interviews. There aren’t any dates but file numbers. And the “narrator” is an unknown person of dubious means and indeterminate interests. It’s a heart-pounding alien sci-fi without a lot of aliens or sci-fi. Bit hard to explain but worth my time so far.

I have yet to begin the new McCreight or Bond books but they are next up on my queue as I have just finished The Girl from Summer Hill by Jude Deveraux, a surprising 4-star book. I am excited to see what both of these novels bring as The Outliers is part of a new YA series and Double Down is second in a Lois Lane series which is highly entertaining, well thought out, and enjoyable.


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