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…you got some ‘splaining to do!

First and foremost, props to Scarlett Johansson for beating out Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock at the movies last weekend. Lucy‘s premiere scored a bigger box office take than Hercules. Impressive on many levels, the best of which is that a female action lead was a bigger draw. And I’ll admit that I saw Lucy and not Hercules (but I still love you, Dwayne!) because a friend in town chose between the two, but that’s okay because now I can enjoy The Rock in all his deliciousness all by myself.

But now for the actual review. I’m still not sure if I liked this movie (beware: spoilers ahead). What starts out in a seemingly random scene in an unidentified Asian city, quickly becomes a thriller and then an action movie, the slowly descends into sci-fi madness (in a good way). Overall, I think the plot was very intriguing and the concept even more so, the execution however, left something to be desired.

There was lots of head scratching at the end of the movie, pieces that didn’t quite line up. I had a lot of questions that could have been answered by simply taking the time to you know, explain what was happening. Johansson is supposedly a 25 year old student of some kind but it never specifies what she is studying or why she is in Taiwan, not to mention that (no offense) but she doesn’t look 25. She’s always played up as so mature in movies that to put her in a role below her actual age was a little disconcerting to me. Especially after seeing her badassery in The Avengers, I find it hard to picture any younger than that and she seems to be in her late-20s in that movie (like 27-28).

I felt like I was dropped into a world with very little explanation at the beginning of Lucy. There were little snippets of the guy she was with, Richard and how they met but nothing about how they ended up in front of a hotel…a flashback would have been nice, preferably in Richard’s head explaining his background/deal.

There were several scenes that made me go “what the actual eff just happened”. Like in the airplane bathroom. Was that all in her head? Did she actually explode and somehow get pieced back together with the drug? And what was the deal with the time travel at the end? Was that mentioned somewhere in Morgan Freeman’s speech and I just missed it?

And for once, this was an action movie without a serious love connection, which shocked me. Sure, there was that slight possibility with the French police officer, but nothing (not even a kiss!) happened. Which I honestly didn’t mind. I think that romance can often detract from action movies instead of add to the drama and intensity.

Not a bad movie, definitely different. I honestly love the concept behind it, expanding our mind and what we might be able to do with it if we could, but the movie didn’t thrill me. Kept me paying close attention but not sure I’d run out and buy it.


Song of Myself


I too watched “The Breakfast Club” last night on ABCFamily and as always, some new thought strikes me while I view. I cringe and laugh in equal measure and even cry alongside the characters, re: Johnson asking about what happens on Monday.

This time, it made me reflect back on my own formative high school years and how often I judge the generation that is now in those shoes. What stories and secrets are hiding behind the smiles and the cell phones? How has the world changed in terms of how people relate since I was in high school less than a decade ago?

So when I saw this post by Slightly Chic, I thought it would be a good time to evaluate who I think I am and who I thought I would become back in high school.

If you had asked my high school freshman self where I thought I would be in 10 years (holy crap, has it really been that long?!), I probably would have said something about living in California, maybe in med school, maybe living in a house on the ocean.

If you had asked my high school senior self where I thought I would in 2014, I would probably have said that I would be married and working at a well-paying job and own a house probably on the east coast but not in my home state. I may or may not have mentioned kids but animals would definitely have been present.

So what’s the reality? Who am I today?

  • I have a Bachelor of Science in Management from a top business school
  • I am currently re-enrolled in school, after a 3 year break, to get my Master of Library Science
  • I do not have a high-paying job but am currently a GA which pays my tuition plus a stipend (perks!)
  • I am not married
  • Nor do I have any kids yet
  • My cat died this past December, a fact that I am still not over, so no pets at the moment
  • I am a blogger
  • I am striving to be a role model to young women
  • I have written (and edited at least 7 times) my first novel
  • I am seeking a literary agent to help me get published
  • I am an avid reader
  • I am addicted to CWTV, in particular Supernatural and The Originals (I miss Smallville!)
  • I seem to keep moving further from my home state
  • I have no idea where I want my first house to be
  • I am once again living with family (living with children gives you an interesting perspective on life)
  • I have an amazing support system of family and friends
  • According to Jung, I am now an introvert, although I used to be an extrovert
  • I know I want to teach college courses later in life
  • I might go on to get my PhD

So what does all of this actually add up to? Well I’m not sure. But I think it means that I’m simply human. And in fact, I’m very happy with my life. Being in school is a great opportunity for me and if I could get paid to go forever, then I would. I want to make a difference in the world. I want to leave a mark, I want to be heard. I’ve realized that there are plenty of types of love that can fulfill you, not just romantic love and that true friends are always there for you.

There is no right or wrong answer to who you are, because you are who you are. You can change that and become who you want to be if you work hard enough (but most people don’t put in the effort). Labels are only powerful if we let them be. Example: I was watching the Disney channel (hey, I live with a 10 yr old girl now) and a great Friends for Change commercial came on with Raini Rodriguez (from Austin & Ally, in case you are wondering) who talked about a leadership camp she attended and how their discussions on bullying and labeling really impacted her.

I love that so many young people are getting involved and trying to make a difference in the world. And I hope that it continues to be that way. And that I get a chance to do the same. This blog (and my twitter: kataweb416) are my start.

So who am I?

I’m Katherine (Kat) Webber, author, poet, dreamer, introvert, friend, caregiver, sister, daughter, granddaughter, cousin, student, woman, nerd, reader, blogger, writer, foodie, traveler, planner, and enjoyer of life.

Who are you? Who do you want to be?

(PS – I stole the title from one of my favorite Walt Whitman poems  of the same name.)

Liebster Award (is it German, I don’t know!)

Because I want to share her awesome answers to my questions. I especially loved her answer to being anyone for a day and well thought out answer to immortality.
PS – I have How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe by Charles Yu on my TBR list also! Can’t wait.

My Journey to the Acknowledgements


If you told me half a year ago that I would have a blog, with awesome followers, and an actual schedule, I would have laughed and reminded you that I was in school. If you had then added that I would receive an award from an amazing blogger like Kat Webber I would have just walked away with tears in my eyes. But, here I am, and there’s the award. 

If you are like me (it might just be because I’m new to this whole thing) and haven’t heard about the Liebster award, then let me explain. It is an award that bloggers give out to a certain number of blogs with less than 1,000 followers. You tag the person who thought you deserved the award and then answer questions, before tagging your top 5-11 new bloggers. 

The rules are as follows:

  1. Thank the nominator and post a link to…

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Okay, what is happening in DC?

It seems like nothing gets done at the federal level of government anymore. First the debacle of the budgeting issues and now more problems with the Affordable Care Act.

How is suing the President going to solve anything? True, if the ACA stipulates that employers who don’t provide health benefits should be paying fines, then that should absolutely being enforced. And apparently the Obama administration is having issue enforcing the coverage so they have delayed mandating employers to pay fines.

Now, the House lead by Boehner, has voted to file a lawsuit against Obama for failing to live up to the oath of office. A suit which, based on historical premise, will most likely be thrown out before it can even reach a judge. What is this madness!?

Not to mention that Congress has an upcoming vacation on the horizon. And what exactly are they taking a vacation from? And why are they even being allowed to take a vacation?

This is the real problem with the feds these days. They seem to have forgotten who they are really supposed to be fighting for and what the American people actually want. We want to not be wasting our tax dollars, keep more of our money, and create new jobs in this country. We need to fix what’s broken before we worry about what’s not even being done.

Starships Were Meant to Fly

I am fascinated by the most recent “slut-shaming” incident involving Nicki Minaj. An album cover featuring a mostly nude Minaj has swept the internet and is now being slut shamed. For those of you who are unfamiliar, slut shaming is the act of making someone else, usually a woman, feel guilty or ashamed for certain sexual behaviors, tendencies, or desires.

Since when is everyone concerned with what the music industry is putting on album covers and in song lyrics? Oh wait, they’ve always been interested. (At least since when they thought that playing AC/DC backwards was Satan talking to you.) So why is this single song release such a big deal?

I can see where the concern for young, impressionable audiences might come in, but haven’t parents always been responsible for what their children watch or listen to? People, parents in particular, complaining about the music industry is nothing new so why is it such a big deal?

While I don’t necessarily think that posing half-naked is the way to sell music, let’s face it, in today’s world, sex sells. And Minaj is a beautiful, curvy woman who is showcasing her body and her music in her own way. Her firm stance on not backing down to haters makes me nod in approval, even if I am shaking my head at her methods of propaganda.

The Wrong Path

I know where this path leads

Though it never starts the same,

Cloaked in half-truth and shadows

The path plays a different game.


I know where this path leads

And it’s not a happy end,

Never the same path twice

But knives a heart on the mend.


I know where this path leads

And I’m sick of finding my footprints.

The beginning is misleading every time

So I ignore the signs, the hints.


I know where this path leads

And I will follow it no more;

Something inside me has broken,

Been torn apart in my core.


I know where this path leads

So now I will make an about-face,

Away from this horror, this torture,

My own pain in this hideous place.


I know where this path leads

And I won’t be misled again.

I will take another way,

Focus on the why, not the when.


I know where this path leads

I can no longer be deceived,

Instead of retracing the steps I made,

I will learn from the pain received.


I know where this path leads,

So here is where it ends.

Is it just me…

…or is there something sincerely broken in society today?

We have pictures in magazines and on billboards that don’t even represent real people. We have make-up to cover up any flaws and make us look like a completely different person. And if just that doesn’t work, we also have photoshop!

The people in all of these pictures don’t even look like that in real life and yet we idolize and try to become those images to fit in. And don’t even get me started on when guys see their girls without make-up for the first time. It’s a total shock to men that most women don’t look that perfect 24/7.

I will give props to Melissa Murphy, in that her work is flawlessly amazing. What she can do with a make-up brush and some bobby pins is fantastic. It really is an art form.

However, I don’t think that men or women coated in layers of synthetic products should be our standard of beauty. Some of those women in the above article are just as pretty without make-up as they are with. Perhaps not in a magazine way but in a more wholesome way.

Not that there is anything wrong with make-up but people who can’t leave the house without it or feel “ugly” constantly without it, yes, there is definitely something wrong with that. Make-up shouldn’t be used to feel beautiful, it should be used to enhance your natural beauty and boost your self-confidence, not create it.

Sometimes I wonder if the Puritans were right. Wearing make-up is a deliberate deception to distract others from seeing your true self.

Review – Hunting Ground (Alpha & Omega #2)

Love this series!! Can’t wait for the next book 🙂

Mary and Her Books

hunting groundThere are some authors that you just know you can count on for certain things.  Patricia Briggs is one of my go to authors when I need a pick me up – a great story without too much angst but plenty of action.  Plus, I know I can knock one of her books out in just a few hours because they are so easy to read.

Hunting Ground was no exception.  It continues the story of Charles and Anna.  They are called upon to go to a meeting of Alphas to help them understand why Bran, the Marrok and Charles’ father, wants to reveal their existence to humans.  It’s an urban fantasy so things don’t go exactly as planned.  But, there is plenty of wolf, fae and vampire action to keep you glued to the pages.

There is something about this author that makes her books feel like a warm and fuzzy…

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Liebster Award Nomination


I am absolutely floored right now. I have been nominated for the Liebster Award by my new friend Real Girl, No Name! I recently discovered this talented girl and her 365 days of poetry which I am loving. Thank you so much for choosing me!

What is this honor you might ask? Well, it is an award to recognize new talented bloggers with less than 1,000 followers. And I’m humbled that someone thinks me fit to be nominated for this.

The rules are as follows:

  1. Thank the nominator and post a link to his/her blog
  2. Display the award on your blog
  3. Answer the eleven questions provided by the nominator
  4. Nominate 5-11 blogs which have less than 1,000 followers, and let them know they’ve been nominated
  5. Make up and post eleven questions for your nominees to answer
  6. Post these rules on your blog


Here are the 11 questions Real Girl, No Name would like me to answer.

If you had the chance to meet any real person (living or dead) who would it be?

This is always an interesting question and I think it changes every time I answer it. Today, that choice would probably be Edgar Allan Poe. I really want to ask him what that Raven was all about. Just kidding, but I would like to know how he died and convince him to tell me some stories around a campfire so I can be even more terrified to sleep in the secluded woods.

If you had the chance to meet any fictional person who would it be?

I would love to meet Acheron from Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark-Hunter series. I think he is mysterious and fascinating and even after reading about his life, I still think I would enjoy a conversation…and perhaps a hug from this 6’7″ god.

What actor/actress would you want to star in a movie with you?

If I had to pick an actor that I got to kiss/do action scenes with, it would definitely be Jensen Ackles (For those of you not in the know, he is a star in the CW show “Supernatural”). If I had to pick an actor just to do a scene with, it would be Johnny Depp, because that man can basically play any part imaginable.

What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

I always struggle with this one. I’m a huge mint chocolate chip fan, but I’m currently on a maple walnut kick…which is very hard to find in the south.

What is one thing that you have never done and wished you could?

I have always wanted to go to an event celebrating a fandom, whether it’s ComiCon or a book signing or a movie premiere, I want to be a part of it for once.

What would your superhero name be?

Well if I could have a superpower, it would probably be teleportation. So I think something nerdy like the “Speed Reader” or “Lightning Librarian” might suit.

What is your catchphrase/ mantra/ “words to live by”?

It’s going to sound very weird, but my current mantra is “ain’t nobody got time for that”. And putting aside the grammatical issues with this phrase and the fact that it came from a Youtube sensation video, I actually think it has merit. Perhaps not in the way the original user intended, but I use it more as a “life is short, do what needs to be done now” type way. Sometimes, I put it to use ironically, but more often than not, I just say it because I need to get shit done and I can’t be bothered to waste time.

Would you consider yourself an introvert or an extrovert?

According to Jung, I am an INFJ, which makes sense considering how much reading a good book can recharge me. And while most people mistake my outgoing personality for extroversion, it’s truly just because I care about people and want everyone to feel included and welcome into my life.

What is the worst advice that someone has ever given you?

I missed softball tryouts because I was in Florida with my family and was too timid as a freshman to ask the coach to be on JV. “Playing tennis this year will help you be more prepared for softball next year.” No, it didn’t. I actually hated it. And my coach couldn’t understand why I couldn’t master the game. (Truth: there is a level of control to swinging a tennis racket that there isn’t in softball and I didn’t want to learn it.)

What is the best advice that someone has ever given you?

In regards to studying abroad, it went something like this: “I know it’s far but if you don’t apply because of me, you might look back and regret it and I don’t want that to happen. If you apply and don’t get in then at least you know you tried, but of course you’ll get in. So when you do get in, you will decide to go and then you will be there and it will be amazing and you will look back and wonder why you ever thought this shouldn’t be a possibility.” When in doubt, always, always, always study abroad in college. Or at least apply. It will be an amazing experience that you will never forget. I went to Ireland for a semester and am so glad my now ex-boyfriend convinced me to apply at the time.

Is there any part of your life that you would do over again if you could?

Of course there are parts that I would consider doing over but the reality is that everything in life happens for a reason. Every decision, good or bad, every place I went, every person I talked to helped to shape me into who I am today and I really like the person I am. Another great lesson from my ex is that life shouldn’t be lived with regrets, regrets are meaningless and they hold you back. You can’t change the past but you can shape how it will affect your future. And that is infinitely more important.


Whew. Okay and now here are my nominees, in no particular order of favorites:

1) The Super Organizer Universe (For sheer awesome talent when it comes to organization, seriously, this guy should have a PhD in it.)

2) 21st Century Library Blog (Just started following today but stumbled across a great article and now I’m addicted. Especially since I am a MLS student)

3) The Book That… (Really great raw talent and lots of books in common!)

4) Hey, Library Girl! (Her book reviews and weekend in pop culture posts are my favs.)

5) (Thoughts of the day, fun facts, books, libraries, LOVE!)

6) Snippets of a Librarian’s World (Because I like her philosophy even though she is just starting out.)

7) My Journey to the Acknowledgements (So. Many. Book. Postings!)

8) the writer girl’s diary (This girl has it all: movies, books, music.)


And the questions they must answer so that we can better know them!

  • What is your favorite food?
  • What 3 books are at the top of your to-be-read pile (physical or digital)?
  • What’s better a highlighter or a post-it note?
  • Blue ink or black?
  • What is your favorite art medium? (i.e poetry, paintings, prose)
  • What is your dream job?
  • If you could be anyone, living or dead, for one day, who would it be and why?
  • Would you rather be able to eat anything without gaining a pound or get paid a decent salary to do your favorite hobby?
  • Who is your favorite Disney/Pixar/Dreamworks villain and why?
  • Would you rather be able to fly or teleport?
  • If you could be immortal (and not have to live off blood), would you choose to be and why?

21st century libraries are a one stop for job seekers….

Libraries are coming back into style?? Awesome!

21st Century Library Blog

So says the new “Workforce Innovation and Opportunities Act” signed into law on July 22, 2014.

“As the reauthorization of the Workforce Investment Act, the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act recognizes libraries as One-Stop partners and includes adult education and literacy programs offered at libraries as statewide employment and training activities. Additionally, the bill provides funding support for 21st-century digital readiness training programs that help library users learn how to use technology to find, evaluate, organize, create, and communicate information.

“Today America, libraries and the people who come to us for assistance have cause for renewed optimism. The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act recognizes that libraries are often the first places Americans seek when they need job training or job search assistance. We’re proud of what libraries have accomplished with meager resources over the last several years. Now, with the support of this legislation, we look forward to a brighter…

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