Why I Love Middle Grade Books (and you could too!)

A lot of Middle Grade books have really rocked my world, i.e. Capture the Flag by Kate Messner and definitely anything by Riordan.

The Book Wars

Middle Grade books rock. Plain and simple.

But, when I was a Middle Grader I didn’t know it – or maybe there just weren’t as many books written for me, nor were they as well marketed as they are now. As I see it, there is a weird sort of gap in children’s literature that’s brushed over between Early Chapter Books and Middle Grade Fiction. Early Chapter Books – those easy chapter books that feature horses and dogs, or even the more sophisticated titles like Captain Underpants and The Princess in Black or Franny K. Stein (and by more sophisticated I mean a little higher language and delving into various genres and themes) are aimed at readers up to age 8 or so. Middle Grade books, the scope for which is incredibly broad covering all genres from science fiction to realistic fiction to horror are generally written for…

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Saturday Inspires – Inspirational Memes

So many good quotes and memes on here. Readers and book lovers enjoy.

Kate's Bookshelf

I love finding inspirational memes online. Usually they come from Facebook and Tumblr, and I collect them in a “Quotes” file. I pull them up to send people or post here… That’s what I’ve been using for my Sunday posts this month. From sexy to writing quotes, they are just so much fun to me. I love reading them and I’d love to chalk them on the sidewalk all over town. Just think how much fun it would be to step out of your door and see some inspirational writing that can be washed away by the next rain.

So enjoy some of my favorites.

Okay, so that’s a lot, and I have a bunch more, but hey, maybe they will inspire you. So feel free to copy and post somewhere yourself. Because hey, I found these myself.

Be inspired this Saturday.

Signing off


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Engaged, Inspired, and Ready to Build a Better Web

Sounds amazing. Sign me up. News

Automattic is a distributed company — we all work from wherever we are. Right now, “where we are” is 197 cities around the world: New Orleans, USA. Montevideo, Uruguay. Tokyo, Japan. Vilnius, Lithuania.

Once a year, we get together somewhere in the world to meet, work alongside, learn from, and laugh with one another in an exhilarating, exhausting week called the Grand Meetup. This year, 277 Automatticians descended on Park City, Utah, for seven days in mid-September.

We introduced ourselves to new colleagues, reconnected with coworkers we haven’t seen since last year, and worked on ways to make even better. And of course, lots of us blogged about the experience, in words and images.

We were…

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Back to School… or not?: Education after the Apocalypse and in the Dystopia

The Book Wars

Post Apocalyptic Toronto! So much better than another shot of the Statue of Liberty ;) Post Apocalyptic Toronto! So much better than another shot of the Statue of Liberty 😉

As a dystopia and speculative literature lover and critic I get asked a lot why kids like these kinds of incredibly bleak books (which I don’t really think are all that bleak, but that is not the general perception). Thinking about this month’s theme a potential reason (among so many) dawned on me… Perhaps dystopia, and in particular post-apocalyptic literature, is so popular amongst youth because there is no school. And even better, school and the entire education system is often totally destroyed. I mean what better wish fulfilment could a young person ask for? If kids aren’t flocking for a kind of education that is magical and  mysterious as with the Harry Potter series (and the like) or hilarious schools full of more hijinx than actual education as with so many middle grade series (Pseudonym Bosch’s…

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BookKids Celebrates Banned Books!



It’s a special week. September 21-27, 2014, is Banned Books Week. This week, “is an annual event celebrating the freedom to read. Held during the last week of September, it highlights the value of free and open access to information. Banned Books Week brings together the entire book community – librarians, booksellers, publishers, journalists, teachers, and readers of all types – in shared support of the freedom to seek and to express ideas, even those some consider unorthodox or unpopular.”

banned book display

Here at BookPeople, we celebrate the right to read 365 days a year, and for the next month, there is a special display in BookKids highlighting some popular books that have faced challenges. Bookseller Merrilee says, “the banned book display is my favorite one all year. I love seeing people react to the books that have been banned and reading the cards as to why. It’s great fun.”


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Spotlight on #TTBF14 Keynote: James Dashner!


BookPeople Teen Press Corps


We’re super pumped that the one and only James Dashner
will be the Keynote Speaker at the 2014
Texas Teen Book Festival!

James Dashner is the best selling author of The Maze Runner series for Young Adults. If you haven’t heard, The Maze Runner is being made into a live action movie with Teen Wolf actor Dylan O’Brien!!!  The movie will be hitting the big screens on September 19th and we are sure it will be a hit with YA and Sci Fi fans alike. The Maze Runner is told from the point of view of Thomas, a teen who wakes up with no recollection of his past and is thrust into a post- apocalyptic maze-like world called the Glade. As things become more and more complicated, Thomas has to piece together why he was sent to the Glade and how he plays an important part in how to get out.


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Teen Thursday

I totally wish I could go to the Austin Book Festival. I would love to meet James Dashner!! I am so excited that the second book in “The Mortality Doctrine” just came out.
Plus Marie Lu and Rick Yancey will be there?? *literature swoon*


It’s YA lucky day! It’s Teen Thursday!

Where we bring you YA news from around the globe and highlights from the
BookPeople Teen Press Corps!

Gearing Up for the Texas Teen Book Festival!



This week, we are focusing on the festival opening keynote speaker, James Dashner, the best selling author of The Maze Runner series and the new series, The Mortality Doctrine. The Eye of Minds is the first book in The Mortality Doctrine, a series set in a world of hyper-advanced technology, cyberterrorists, and gaming beyond your wildest dreams . . . and your worst nightmares. The latest book in the series, The Rule of Thoughts, will be available at TTBF14, along with Dashner’s other books.

5 Fun Facts About James Dashner:

1. He used to be an accountant.
2. He was obsessed with the TV show LOST.
3. He once saved a kid from being hit…

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Vampire Luuuv

I think a like vampire action can be sexy…
and so can a little biting on the human side. I would draw the line at blood drawing for both of those parties…unless you know, the vampire NEEDED it.

Kate's Bookshelf

Ah, love scenes in books.  They are the thing we all hunt for when we want a little something more, and by ‘we’, I mean women. I don’t think most guys go hunting for the love scenes considering very few men read romance.  And when you get a good love scene, well, it’s really good.

But when it’s bad…..

Stefan-the-vampire-diaries-32278957-1024-768 Stefan TVD

I’m listening to an audio book right now that is all vampires, ghouls, demons, and yes, vampire sex.  What is this fascination with vampires, sex, and the thing that takes it from vanilla to devil’s food red, blood.  There is always blood involved with vampire sex.  A bite here, a suck there and bada boom bada bing, everybody is happy.  Vampire gets a meal, human (or in the rare vamp book another actual vampire) get’s the most mind blowing O in the world. Because, hey, yeah, the human is…

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