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Favorite Position

Stumbled across this amazingĀ article on Twitter today after following Lena Dunham. Lauren Conrad was asked on a live radio show what her favorite position was and she had an amazing response: CEO.

There are so many strong, badass women in the world and they deserve to be heard. Women have come so far in the last 100 years and we need to continue to grow and push to be seen and treated as equal. Whether its women’s health rights, equal pay, or job opportunities, our favorite position should be whatever we want it to be, not what society or anyone else tells us it can be.

So here’s my favorite position. What’s yours?

fav position


Promote This Star: HeForShe Campaign

Found this campaign while on Buzzfeed’s 51 Badass Ladies article and decided to share it. I think it is definitely a cause worth supporting. After all, Emma Watson aka much-beloved Hermione Granger is the U.N.’s Goodwill Ambassador. Plus it was founded by another famous actor and is back by so many others that it probably doesn’t need me to talk about it but check it out anyway.

Click here to learn more about the HeForShe Campaign.