Starships Were Meant to Fly

I am fascinated by the most recent “slut-shaming” incident involving Nicki Minaj. An album cover featuring a mostly nude Minaj has swept the internet and is now being slut shamed. For those of you who are unfamiliar, slut shaming is the act of making someone else, usually a woman, feel guilty or ashamed for certain sexual behaviors, tendencies, or desires.

Since when is everyone concerned with what the music industry is putting on album covers and in song lyrics? Oh wait, they’ve always been interested. (At least since when they thought that playing AC/DC backwards was Satan talking to you.) So why is this single song release such a big deal?

I can see where the concern for young, impressionable audiences might come in, but haven’t parents always been responsible for what their children watch or listen to? People, parents in particular, complaining about the music industry is nothing new so why is it such a big deal?

While I don’t necessarily think that posing half-naked is the way to sell music, let’s face it, in today’s world, sex sells. And Minaj is a beautiful, curvy woman who is showcasing her body and her music in her own way. Her firm stance on not backing down to haters makes me nod in approval, even if I am shaking my head at her methods of propaganda.

Music: Promote This Star

I used to think that country was one of the most pure forms of music left. And I don’t mean in terms of sound but lyrics. Country used to be more about love, family, and let’s face it, religion, without being overtly sexual or demeaning. Now, however, that has changed.

More and more country singers are turning to the ways of their comrades in other musical genres and creating lyrics that are actually pretty sexist and degrading to women. Now, I’m not talking about the musics videos, let’s be clear here. Basically all music videos are demeaning to women and even men more recently, in terms of let’s call them costume choices and dance moves.

No, the issue that concerns me is how many country singers are actually starting to treat women like sex objects. However, a new duo called Maddie & Tae has come up with a great answer to all those songs. It can be found in the above video and I, for one, find it very entertaining and satisfying.

Great voices, witty lyrics, and caustic comebacks from two beautiful women who, in other circumstances, might have been a “Girl In A Country Song”.

Promote This Star: Shawna Lynne Grady

I love music. I love being moved by powerful voices and lyrics. And I love shining the spotlight on people who deserve to be recognized.

A friend of mine recently posted this video on her Facebook and I wanted to take a quick minute to promote it. This is one of the best reasons not to judge a book by its cover. You never know what talents people are holding behind a veneer of personality or “off-putting” style. Shawna Lynne Grady has an amazing voice, just listen and see for yourself.

Promote this star!

Before you read the title and think this is a celebrity gossip piece, keep on reading.

I’m writing this post to promote one of my favorite people in the whole world, and one of the most talented that I am privileged to personally know, my little sister.

Sara and I have been joking around for years about how when I finally get my book published, if it gets picked up to be made into a movie, she wants to direct it. In the meantime, while I have been trying to promote myself (see post: Greek Fire), she has been hard at work in school to get a degree in New Media. And if you have no idea what that is, there is a link to a video by Rick Phillips via YouTube that attempts to explain it.

But this post is about Sara. She has some really spectacular talent and I would love to get the opportunity to work with her one day. In the meantime, she is looking to get more real world experience so I’m going to show her off.

Browse through her pictures and portfolio and if you like what you see, comment here so I can let her know! 🙂