Original Works Friday: The Mountain

I am a mountain.

I cannot assist those who wish to climb me,

The route is treacherous.

I cannot rescue those who fall prey to brambles and roots,

The way is often hidden.

I can only stand proud and true to myself,

A test of time and faith.

I can only be the journey or the destination,

For those who seek it.

I can grant the greatest view to those who have the worth

To discover the peak.

I can offer shade and solitude, comfort, strength, and support,

A veritable plateau of beauty and resolve.

I cannot bow to the will of those who wish me

To succumb to them.

I cannot kneel before the wind, droop before the sleet, snow, or rain,

Or fall completely before pick and axe.

I am the serene award that awaits the steadfast,

And the willingly courageous.

I cannot assist in the climb but the view from the top

Will be worth the trouble.

I can accept many to begin the journey

But few will make it out of the trees.

I can accept several out of the treeline

But few will make it to the snow barrier.

I can accept a couple past the snow,

Silently supporting those who wish to continue.

I cannot belong, however, to more than one for all eternity.

No more than one claim, one flag may be staked.

I am the mountain and only one will be able to say

They were the first to be welcomed into the gentle embrace

Of my colors, my sharp edges, my summit,

And the unique view that is my honor to share.

I am the mountain.