Playing Catch-up

welcome to maineI realized that it’s been nearly a month since I have logged on to give you an update. It’s been a hectic month indeed! I’m not making excuses, I’m just saying I have been neglectful. So I’m going to do this post as a general what’s happening one and a second one for all the books I have been consuming, which I’m sure is the real reason most of you read this.

In the last few weeks, I have moved back to my home state of Maine. Hurray for no longer being a displaced New Englander. Whether or not the move is permanent, we will have to wait and see. But I’m relatively certain I will be here for the next six to eight months. And thankful that it is cooler here than the D.C. area. Plus I was able to go strawberry picking and picked about 30lbs of them with my dad! strawberry picking

I have also completed a summer course on YA literature, which was pretty phenomenal. We were allowed to choose almost all of our own books for the course from a wide range of genres. We studied how teens choose books and why certain themes might be appealing to them. We also wrote a final paper on the topic of our choosing and I am proud to say that I earned a very high grade in the class.

I started a new job!! Yay me! I officially have my first library job at a smaller, local library and it’s going pretty well. I’m still in the learning process and a lot of what I do on a daily basis is a bit repetitive but I’m enjoying it. I get to talk about and look at books all day long plus interact with the regulars who are all very nice. It’s great to be back in an environment where people who aren’t your coworkers know your name, I’ve missed that.

Additionally, I have been dealing with all three of the weddings in my life again. First and foremost was my best friend’s bridal shower which went very smoothly, I am happy to report. Next on the list will be dress shopping with one of my sister and my friend’s bachelorette party 😉

sconeI am planning on using the next six weeks or so to really have some “me” time and focus on getting back into a healthier lifestyle, reading books for fun, and maybe doing some puzzles. I’ve also taken up cooking, well, baking, again and my first two trials (scones and garlic cheese biscuits) went pretty well. No complaints from my taste testers aka mom and dad.

I’ve been really busy settling back in but now that I’m more or less settled, I want to get back to this blog and my other writings. After all, NaNoWriMo is only 4 months away! So hopefully, you’ll be hearing a lot more from me in the coming months. But I make no promises once September hits, that’s sure to be a doozy.

Oh and did I mention that I was able to see Monticello, Colonial Williamsburg, AND Mount Vernon before I left? I am definitely one lucky nerd!

mt vernonmt vernon panorama

Think Again

Think Again

Here’s a really good one:
I used to think my best friend was a girl I could never be friends with. We went to different primary schools and then met in high school and I assumed that because she was friends with certain kids that she was a certain type of person. But after bonding in Bio class and later over cute hockey boys, we each discovered we had a lot more in common than we thought we did. Nearly 11 years later and she is still my best friend.

Thoughts on Life Wednesday

lifeThere are few thoughts as depressing as ones that involve reminiscing. I don’t mean to say that reminiscing is bad, just that most people look back on their lives and say “that was a great day, too bad I can’t relive it” rather than looking back and saying “that was a great day, I can’t wait to have a better one”. 

Too often people think their lives have “peaked” and won’t get any better. Well, I’m here to tell you that if things can get worse, they can certainly also get better. Some of the best moments of your life might be just around the corner waiting for you to catch up. And yes, some wonderful moments have probably already happened that you never want to forget but don’t think that the past good will have to be balanced out with future bad.

Some of the best moments are still ahead. An important lesson for everyone, I think, but in particular for the world’s young people. Too often, teenagers give up hope when things get really hard. They don’t see the light at the end of the end of the tunnel. They don’t realize that life doesn’t end after high school or that high school will completely define who they are and what they can become.

The truth is, I learned more about the world in college than I did in high school and I was definitely more often than not one of those melodramatic types who hated high school. I knew who I was and felt off-balance and out of whack with many of my peers. And by the time I finished my freshman year in college, I felt like I had a place where I truly belonged.

It’s okay to celebrate the past and think of it fondly, but it is also important to look ahead with excitement for the future. You never know when a great day will strike so go out and live and be sure to remember when it does, but smile and say to yourself, “that was a great day, I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings”.

Promote This Star: Kalie Garrett

A coworker of mine just showed me this ah-may-zing photographer/artist that she went to school with and I am dying of overload.

The images alone are breath-taking and her art, while strange, is very intriguing. I have spent at least an hour on her flickr page alone and still can’t stop.

Here is the link to her Web site. Her name is Kalie Garrett and she now designs window displays for Anthropologie in NYC. She might already be Google-able but it never hurts to get a promo from another supportive source!


Sometimes you have a hard day.

Sometimes things don’t turn out like you expect them to.

And sometimes you need a kick in the ass from your best friend.

Today was a hard day. Maybe it was the weather or the moon or the fact that it was Friday the 13th. Maybe it was a series of circumstances having very little to do with me that somehow affected me greatly. I don’t really know why. But whatever the cause, whatever the reason, today was hard. Not necessarily bad, mind you, just difficult.

So, I did what I always do: called someone. Normally, I talk to my grandmother when I’m feeling down, she truly has a lot of wisdom to offer. But today, fate decided that my bestie would be my best bet. She took my call and did what she always does: let me cry for a total of ten seconds before she cut me off and told me to explain why I was upset.

When I couldn’t arrive at a single valid reason, I realized that there was no need for my tears. That I, in fact, have a lot to be thankful for, especially recently. Plus she told me to stop complaining and just move forward recognizing all the good I have in my life right now. And damnit, she was right. Which is why I love her.

I bucked up, had a drink, and then I did what always helps: I wrote.

Hopefully I will have something to show for it soon rather than just a stream of consciousness filling up the page. After all, why mope about a tough day? I muddled through the other side of it and tomorrow is another chance.