Movie Review: The Maze Runner

maze runner Where do I even begin?

The great casting? All the little things they changed? The overall creepy feel of the movie? The extreme scary factor of the Grievers?

It’s hard to determine whether or not I liked this movie. Objectively, it was alright. As compared to the book, they were miles apart. I was so excited that this might actually be a great movie adaptation because Dashner himself loved it. I, however, was somewhat disappointed with all the little bits that were altered to make way for a more Hollywood-esque version of a completely brilliant and cgallyomplex book.

Okay, so let me first tell you what I did love about it. The casting was amazing. Dylan O’Brien was a great pick for Thomas. I really felt like he was connecting with that character and becoming him. His curiosity, running, and logic were dead on for how I pictured Thomas. Will Poulter, who I have loved since he performed in The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader, was an absolute standout. Gally is a royal jackass with underlying fears and doubts and I couldn’t look away whenever Poulter was on the screen. Ki Hong Lee, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, and Blake Cooper were also fantastic as Minho, Newt, and Chuck respectively. Although Chuck was a little younger than I pictured.

The set was phenomenal. You truly got the sense of being trapped in the maze with them. The huge, towering walls with the bright green space in the center was dead on. Not to mention the pan out at the end, spectacular. The Grievers weren’t quite what I imagined but just as horrifying as they made me feel while reading the book. Part beast, part machine, and every bit hide-behind-your-hands-while-they-are-near.into the maze

The only casting I didn’t care for was Kaya Scodelario as Teresa. It’s not that she did a poor job, she was actually pretty good, but something about the character felt off with her in the role. Maybe as we see more of her in the next films, my opinion will change.

There were a bunch of little things in the movie that had been altered that you would only notice if you’ve read the book and some of them really bothered me. Only having one doorway, WCKD abbreviation, the plot line with Gally at the end, and the interactions between Thomas and Teresa. I think as a movie, it was good, entertaining, heart-pounding, jaw-dropping, and intense. But I liked the progression of the book better. It felt like they had to simplify it too much in order to appeal to the masses. They explained some underlining themes too openly and didn’t leave enough mystery.

Overall, I’d say it only achieves 3 stars. I hope the next one is better.


Oh those autumnal moments of joy 🙂

Kate's Bookshelf

Real-Acorns-On-The-Ground-WallpapersCrunch. Crunch. Crunch.  Cruuuuuncch.

Ah. That lovely sound of acorns and their caps being crushed beneath your heels. Crunch.

It’s October and as the leaves just start to think about turning to a bouquet of color, the acorns have been on the ground for a couple of weeks now. Crunch.

Every time I walk home I am for those little caps that are like thimbles. Crunch.

Oh, I missed one. Should I back up and make sure I crush that one as well? Crunch.

It’s so incredibly satisfying to hear that crunch below your feet. Crunch. Crunch.

Every year I look forward to it. Like stepping into ice puddles and shattering the glass water. Crack!

Welcome to day one of my 31 days of October, entitled Fun, Fanciful & Factual. Which just means that I will be blogging my regular things: flash fiction, book reviews, and anything that catches my…

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Top Ten Tuesday

top ten tuesdayfall arch

Fall: The Season of Back-to-School, new books, leaves, pumpkin spice, apple pie, costumes, candy, turkey, and cooling temperatures. So then the big question becomes what are the Top Ten Books On My Fall To-Be-Read list?

1) The Rule of Thoughts by James Dashner – Recently published and I received it from the library although I have yet to start reading it. That’s my goal for this week!

2) Styxx by Sherrilyn Kenyon – This has been sitting on my bookshelf since I purchased it at Barnes & Noble. I’ve wanted to read it a million times but I haven’t gotten around to it.

3) Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch – This is a new publication coming out next month that I recently discovered via Twitter. Magic, kingdoms, and mayhem, can’t wait!

4) Lord of the Flies by William Golding – I borrowed the Stephen King edition from my dad and I expect he’ll want it back at some point, so in honor of banned books and new school years, here I go.

5) The Young Elites by Marie Lu – Another book arriving next month and one that I have been waiting for since I finished Lu’s last series. Here’s the hoping it’s as good as Legend.

6) Talon by Julie Tagawa – Dragons, shape-shifting, and secret societies? Ummm, yes please! It doesn’t come out until the end of October but I’m already foaming at the mouth to read it.

7) Outlander by Diana Gabaldon – So many people have recommended this to me or are talking about the Starz series that now I just have to read the book and hope it is as good as it sounds.

8) The Whispering Skull by Jonathon Stroud – Lockwood sucked me into his world and now I fear I cannot escape. Recently published, the second installment is sure to give me chills and thrills once again.

9) Blood Magick by Nora Roberts – It’s been months, months! I say since I have finished the second book in this trilogy and I need to know how it ends. Roberts tells amazing fantasy tales if you take the time to read them.

10) The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien – The second movie is arriving in theatres this fall so it’s only fitting that I actually fulfill my promise to read the book before it does.

snow ashes whispering skull blood magick hobbit

Is it just me…


…or does fall keep coming earlier every year?

Not that I’m complaining because I love fall and I’m sure this is something that people complain about every year, but why can’t we just let seasons happen when they are supposed to?

It’s literally over 2 months until the Feast of the All Souls, the Day of the Dead, Halloween and already stores are lined with pumpkins and ghosts, candy and costumes.

I enjoy my pumpkin beer as much as the next (former) New England gal and I live for pumpkin coffee but does that mean that I need to see it in August? Definitely not. September would be just fine with me, thank you very much. (Unless you want to give it me year-round which I would be totally okay with.)

As someone who has worked in the retail world for several years, I know why it’s done. I know that they want to catch the consumers at prime shopping time, i.e. back to school and before the month of the actual holiday. It’s the same reason you can’t find winter boots in January and you can buy a bikini in February.

But at the same time, as a big advocate of making memories and enjoying the moments I have on this earth, I can’t help but be against this blatant “sell, sell, sell” mentality. I love to shop and I love to decorate my home for the seasons/holidays but I can’t enjoy my last fleeting moments of summer if I’m already being bombarded with and seduced by the temptations of autumn.

So let’s just stick to the summer sun for at least another week. Then we can start sleeping with our windows open and making sure we have a sweater for those chilly fall nights. And sure, we can buy our Halloween candy at the beginning of October and go apple-picking in September, but let’s focus on the here and now before tomorrow catches up to today and we’re wondering what happened to August.

Because, let’s face it. Before you can say “Halloween”, stores will soon be bringing out the Christmas decorations. Which are sure to bring out the worst (Black Friday) and the best (family traditions) in everyone.