Invest in Solar

Invest in Solar

Day after day, we use our planets resources and often take for granted things that we’ve had our whole lives.

Like water.

I stumbled across this article while browsing CNN (it was a link from this article: and I couldn’t get it out of my head so I decided to share it with all of you.

People keep talking about the global energy crisis like it’s in the distant future. Well, if we don’t start investing in technologies like this, we won’t be alive to invest in them when we actually need them. My mom has a saying that I love: be prepared and chances are you will won’t need half of what you prepared for. This basically her way of telling me to always pack an extra pair of underwear or a towel or bring a jacket to the fair,  but it’s still good advice. It’s better to have something and NOT need it than to need it and NOT have it.

Water is a valuable resource. Most of us in the United States don’t know or care much about water conservation. But did you know that the western part of the country is actually in a drought? California has been in one for years. Literally. I know that I wasn’t aware of this. But I think this is a great idea that can help in several ways. Solar and fresh water working together? I think this could be the start of something amazing.