My Impossible Task

alphabooksIt’s Wednesday. Goodreads informs me that I have read 73 books so far this year and am thus 8 books ahead of schedule. Go me!! However, I still have a stack of them sitting on my desk beckoning to be read. And my goal was to read 75 before my grad classes start but I have since challenged myself to read 80 by then. The idea being that I will then only have 20 books to read in the remaining 16 weeks of the year, over a handful of which I’m sure will be read over my lusciously long and festive Christmas vacation.

So here’s My Impossible Task. I have to finish 7 books (well really 6 since I am almost 80% done with one of them) and only 6 days in which to read them. Not to mention that I have plans to be in D.C. all day on Saturday to explore the National Book Festival AND see the D-Day movie at the Air & Space museum. It boils down to 6-ish books in 5-ish days.

Do you think I can do it? Can I read basically a book every day? I guess we’ll find out!


Okay, what is happening in DC?

It seems like nothing gets done at the federal level of government anymore. First the debacle of the budgeting issues and now more problems with the Affordable Care Act.

How is suing the President going to solve anything? True, if the ACA stipulates that employers who don’t provide health benefits should be paying fines, then that should absolutely being enforced. And apparently the Obama administration is having issue enforcing the coverage so they have delayed mandating employers to pay fines.

Now, the House lead by Boehner, has voted to file a lawsuit against Obama for failing to live up to the oath of office. A suit which, based on historical premise, will most likely be thrown out before it can even reach a judge. What is this madness!?

Not to mention that Congress has an upcoming vacation on the horizon. And what exactly are they taking a vacation from? And why are they even being allowed to take a vacation?

This is the real problem with the feds these days. They seem to have forgotten who they are really supposed to be fighting for and what the American people actually want. We want to not be wasting our tax dollars, keep more of our money, and create new jobs in this country. We need to fix what’s broken before we worry about what’s not even being done.

Happy Independence Day!

As our country enters its 238th year of existence, I am struck by how much we have changed and evolved in that time. I am also reminded of the price of our independence and rights that has been paid in blood, tears, and lives over that time.

Walking around our nation’s capitol made it obvious how small the world has become and how many people are actually in it. Which then brings to mind some of the more irritating aspects of our society. In particular, how people treat the true heroes of this country.

Firefighters, police officers, military personnel, and other “small” heroes don’t get half the recognition that they should. Instead, we idolize musicians, professional athletes, and movie stars. So I am here today, on the anniversary of our nation’s birth, to try and change that by saying to them: “Thank you. You are appreciated.”

I would go on a rant about this but I think I will save that for another day. Until then, appreciate our heroes who dedicate their lives for our citizenship and safety. And try to give them the respect they deserve, especially on high people traffic days like today. A simple smile can go a long way to improve someone’s day.

Stay safe out there.