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Promote this star!

Before you read the title and think this is a celebrity gossip piece, keep on reading.

I’m writing this post to promote one of my favorite people in the whole world, and one of the most talented that I am privileged to personally know, my little sister.

Sara and I have been joking around for years about how when I finally get my book published, if it gets picked up to be made into a movie, she wants to direct it. In the meantime, while I have been trying to promote myself (see post: Greek Fire), she has been hard at work in school to get a degree in New Media. And if you have no idea what that is, there is a link to a video by Rick Phillips via YouTube that attempts to explain it.

But this post is about Sara. She has some really spectacular talent and I would love to get the opportunity to work with her one day. In the meantime, she is looking to get more real world experience so I’m going to show her off.

Browse through her pictures and portfolio and if you like what you see, comment here so I can let her know! 🙂

What I’m Reading

Hey All! Check out what’s on my currently reading shelf! I’ve had some recent great finds that I am absolutely loving. Bored with your usual list? Go wander around a library for a bit. I always find inspiration there. And if you love to read and don’t yet have Goodreads then you are seriously missing out. More accurate than Amazon and absolutely free, you can connect with your friends and track all the books you’ve read, are currently reading, and track down some new titles that you want to read!


I’ve been on a real murder-mystery kick lately, as I’m sure you can tell from the above titles. But I just can’t seem to put them down! A year ago, I never would have thought I would be into this genre. Just goes to show that trying new things can open up new worlds.