Favorite Position

Stumbled across this amazing article on Twitter today after following Lena Dunham. Lauren Conrad was asked on a live radio show what her favorite position was and she had an amazing response: CEO.

There are so many strong, badass women in the world and they deserve to be heard. Women have come so far in the last 100 years and we need to continue to grow and push to be seen and treated as equal. Whether its women’s health rights, equal pay, or job opportunities, our favorite position should be whatever we want it to be, not what society or anyone else tells us it can be.

So here’s my favorite position. What’s yours?

fav position


Reading’s Suffrage

One of the blogs that came up on my feed today featured this article: Ebooks Econ 101 and the last piece of it really got me thinking. This sentence in particular stuck with me: “But if it doesn’t, a future in which only the rare few can earn a living writing is one in which reading will suffer.”

I’m struck by how strongly I both agree and disagree with this statement. I agree with it in the sense that reading will undoubtedly suffer by writers who are unable to get published or to continue publishing because of the mounting cost of effort and the need to pay their own bills. I disagree by saying that reading is ALREADY suffering.

I can’t tell you how many people I have met in the last three years alone that haven’t picked up a book since their last high school or college English class. People have become so sucked into the reality on their televisions that they forget about the world outside of that. Or they sit around on a laptop all day, waiting for something to happen so they can tweet or blog about it.

True, reading will continue to suffer if we have good writers who cannot be heard. But isn’t it already suffering because of the societal norms we have grown into in the last 50 years? I think it’s time to get our butts off the couch, out of our computer chairs and dive into a new world, fact or fiction doesn’t matter, but one thing is for sure, people should be reading more not less.


Before you read the title and turn away, I want you to know that I’m not going to rant about the perks or benefits of being a “feminist” or rather what most people consider to be “feminism”.

No. Instead, I want to draw your attention to a curious phenomenon that I see happening in ever-increasing amounts. I have met in the last oh, 5 years or so, some extremely remarkable men and women. By remarkable, I mean to call attention not only to their financial success but their goodness of heart, morals, and family principles. One interesting thing that I have witnessed in the last 2 years is the number of powerful or influential women who are the sole or main provider for their families.

Why is this interesting? Well besides the obvious role reversal, I think it’s fascinating that some women are still claiming to be “feminist” when the social order is showing an decreased need for this behavior. Some philosophies of Feminism hold that equality and the break out of gender or racial roles should apply to women AND men, which I find to be more reasonable. And isn’t the fact that in many households of my acquaintance that the woman makes more money than her husband or is the only source of income while he is a stay at home dad proof enough that equality has become more widespread than we realized?

I’m not saying we should stop fighting for equal rights on any front. I just think it’s important to recognize progress when it is being made. And that we shouldn’t simply continue to fight and say that little has been gained. The last century has been one of extreme change and I think the more we notice our results, the happier we will be. Gender roles shouldn’t define us.

Although isn’t it ironic that we are fighting to break out of gender roles in the workplace and yet socially, we adhere to “perfecting” our bodies to suit a stereotypical image that is based on women and men who are literally PAID to look good?


Note: This post was prompted by an article I read on Buzzfeed (Love you all over there!)