Top Ten Tuesday: Aug 11

Top Ten Tuesday

August 11: Top Ten Authors I’ve Read The Most Books From

Well this is probably going to pretty much the same as the one for authors that I own the most books for but here it goes, author and number of books:

Sherrilyn Kenyon – 21

Patricia Briggs – 13

Rick Riordan – 12

Charlaine Harris – 10

L.J. Smith – 9

Nora Roberts – 9

Laurel K. Hamilton – 8

Cassandra Clare- 8

Gail Carriger – 8

Anne Bishop – 7

Cinda Williams Chima – 7

P.C. Cast- 7

William Shakespeare – 7

J.K. Rowling – 7

C.S. Lewis – 7

Definitely a couple of surprises as I was going through my Goodreads. I forgot how much I used to be into really long vampire book series! So this is a top 9 followed by 6 authors tied for the 10th spot. Although that was just based on a quick browse, there might be more in the 7-8 book range.


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