For Reluctant Readers: Harry Potter

The Book Wars

Although we at The Book Wars have writtena fair bit aboutHarry Potter (albeit often indirectly,focusing ona small aspectof the seriesor the worldor the controversy), we have’t yet spoken about the influence it had upon us as readers.

Maybe that’s because we were already voracious readers by the time Harry Potter came along. I inhabited Redwall for years before Jo Rowling’s manuscript was first rejected by a publishing house. I’m pretty sure the other Book Warriors can say the same about other fictional worlds of their choice. (Enid Blyton’s boarding schools, am I right, Nafiza?)

But for children who didn’t feast on books, Harry Potter was a game-changer, especially for children of my approximate age, who grew up the same age as Harry Potter was every year. The revelation of Harry’s year of birth in the final book of the series did…

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