Lizzie Bennet Diaries

I need to take a minute to shout from the rooftops about this addiction. I discovered The Lizzie Bennet Diaries less than a year ago and after binge-watching basically the entire thing in about a week, I fell in love. It was an amazing modern interpretation of a classic story that is one of my favorites: Pride & Prejudice. The characters are colorful and witty and very well done. The little snippets of Lizzie’s life that we get to witness and her interactions with the various people are incredible. The depictions are very well done and the twist to make it fit into today’s more modern world is two big thumbs up! If you want to watch, all the episodes (including bonuses with other characters) can be found here.

Unfortunately, I quickly forgot about this sensation as I dove headfirst into grad school last fall.

About 2 weeks ago, one of my school friends brought up “Emma Approved” during a group chat. I inquired about it and discovered that it was created by the same people who brought us LBD…except this story was based on the Austen novel, Emma! I was completely floored when she said this and excitedly went home to begin watching the episodes. I finished all of them in about a week, in between classes and avoiding homework and final papers. The classic tale was once again transformed in a modern re-telling and formatted to fit the small screen. Episodes (and more bonuses) can be found here.

LBD videos range from 3-5 minutes on average, Emma a little longer at about 5-7 minutes a piece. Pemberly Digital took on Austen’s complex worlds and made them into something great, something wonderful, something that I want to watch on repeat….maybe one day on DVD!

So if you want to “waste” some time on entertainment but don’t feel like watching something modern, check out one of these great features for hours of enjoyment 🙂


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