My thoughts exactly.

Of life she writes.

I thought I was broken.

I thought something inside of me was broken.

I’m not

And It’s not.

I’m pretty whole.

One piece slowly glued back together with time.

If you observe really slowly and carefully you can get close enough to see them

The scars

The cracks

The little white remnants of the glue that’s holding me together.

But I’m whole.

And all my pieces are exactly in their place.

I’ve got people inside of me

Slowly watching

To see if any of my pieces slip and fall away

They pick up my pieces and slowly put them back while I add the glue in each crevice

I’m whole, not because I made it that way

But because of people who surround me

People who care about me

People who watch pieces fall and pick them up for me

You cannot even imagine how grateful I am.

To have…

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