Book Review: White Cat

white catIf the world knew about magic, would it be a happier and more accepting place or more full of fear and distrust? This was just one of the questions running through my mind as I explored this option with Holly Black.

Cassel is a normal guy in an abnormal family. And by that, I don’t just mean that his mom is in jail and his father is dead. No, he is a non-worker in a family of magic workers. Not to mention that they are all con artists or criminals in one form or another.

Cassel thought he escaped the life by attending a prestigious prep school but the past catches up with him more rapidly than he can outrun it. His former best friend, the one he killed, begins to haunt his dreams along with a mysterious white cat that keeps showing up everywhere. And the more, Cass digs into what really happened to Lila, the more secrets he uncovers that definitely should have stayed buried.

When a sleep-walking incident gets him thrown out of school, Cass has to recover his balance or be subjected to further scrutiny from his family. He doesn’t fit in with them but also knows that he somehow does, the accidental murder makes him more like his brothers and grandfather than he likes to admit.

A witty, sharp, and slightly disturbing book that digs deep into a normal world filled with magic, and even worse, laws against it. It’s a typical teenager story gone completely awry. There is death and destruction, hatred and misguided love all wrapped up and wound so tightly with secrets that it’s hard to tell what the next reveal will be.

After reading The Iron Trials by Cassandra Clare and Holly Black, I became more intrigued by this author’s work. And after reading this novel, I know I will be back for more. Black’s style is smooth and easy to read. The details don’t burden the overall story and in fact, give you something more to hold on to…especially when you want to scream and cringe and cry.

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