Book Review: Unwind

unwindThis is a book that has been on my TBR for quite some time and I finally got around to it…and now I’m not sure how I feel. Maybe I just need to stop reading books about revolutions.

Unwind follows three separate character perspectives: Connor, Risa, and Lev. Each one is about to be “unwound” which is the process of having their bodies harvested for parts through legally granted permission by their parents. The society the trio lives in has a law which states that although abortion is illegal, choosing to have your children unwound at the age of 13, until 18, is not.

Under a very interesting set of circumstances, the three stumble into each other’s lives and become bonded. Connor and Risa don’t want to be unwound while Lev is a tithe, or someone who was raised specifically to be unwound when he turned 13. They meet a host of characters along their journey and even become separated for awhile, creating distance between them. There is no straight path to salvation and the only goal is to stay alive until they are 18 at which point, they cannot legally be unwound.

The book’s concept is a little creepy and a lot disturbing, even more than The Giver and makes you take a serious look at society and human nature. What can happen when both sides of an argument no longer care that they win but that the other side loses, what can happen when everyone forgets what they are fighting for and just wants to continue fighting, and what it truly means to be alive and human.

The plot pulls you in and keeps you invested in the characters but parts of it make you cringe away at how sick people can be. There is more sadness and discomfort than joy in this book, so I don’t recommend picking it up before bed. Character growth and bonds bring a lot into this story and there is more than one shocking surprise in store for you.

Goodreads rating: 4 stars

My personal rating: 84

  • Writing style – 8
  • Plot – 9
  • Dialogue – 9
  • Personality of Main Character(s) – 9
  • Love story – 7
  • Invokes emotion – 9
  • Synopsis accuracy – 7
  • Consistent level of interest – 9
  • Stays on topic – 8
  • Accuracy of genre/genre blending – 9

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