Useful tips on coping with a romantic crush on a fictional character

Love it.



Romantic crushes on fictional characters from books or even from stories that you have created can be both enjoyable and rewarding however they can also be time consuming, energy sapping and wreck havoc with your emotions. Some crushes on fictional characters can last for years. They can also be very difficult to snap out of (in my head I am currently thinking about my ‘thing’ with Mr Darcy in ‘Pride and Prejudice’).

It is therefore important to learn how to cope with your crush. Here at Blondewritemore we are here to help.

The benefits of a fictional character crush:

– With fictional characters there is no fear of rejection, no long term disappointment, no risk of pregnancy, no marital discord, no risk of divorce or affairs.

– Things get much easier once you accept it will be a one sided love affair.

– Think of the cost savings with dating…

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