Book Recommendations

alphabooksI need to take a minute to gush over something very important to me and that is book recommendations!

I love them. I love them so much. Giving them. Receiving them. All of it. But the best part is the shared interest and conversations that arise once said recommended book has been read. Whether you are the recommender or recommendee, both sides have much to gain.

I, for example, am constantly suggesting books to my best friend…often badgering her into moving them up her TBR list in fact and for the most part, it has turned out quite well. I love being able to discuss books with someone who has similar interest and will actually read the books.

So far we have been able to compare notes on The Tiger Saga, Divergent series, The Lunar Chronicles, Throne of Glass series, The Mortal Instruments, The Infernal Devices, Twilight, and Daughter of the Blood. Some of them took more convincing than others and some she was already going to read anyway.

I love when she finishes a book or I do and our excitement bleeds into the conversation, or we can’t wait to share the new plot points with each other! Being able to talk about all of what I liked or didn’t, the characters that I hate, or the places I wish I could visit is amazing and I’m so glad I am able to do this.

What books have you shared? What recommendations have turned out positively or negatively for you?

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