Book Review: The Jewel

the jewelAn isolated society where the royals needs the poor in order to conceive children leads to one girl being selected and auctioned off, only to find herself in a very unique situation.

There is dystopia and then there is dystopia. The auction feels a bit like The Selection with a similar writing style but the overall book is more like The Hunger Games or The Scorch Trials. There is technology plus glitz and glamour. Prestigious families rules in an old world sort of way and the divisive rings of society keep each unit contained within its walls, never moving up or down, simply being.

The only other option available is the blood test which determines which girls are able to carry a child of the royal bloodline and are taken to a special facility to become surrogates where they are taught to use particular abilities and grow until they are auctioned off to the highest bidder. Literally.

Violet is special and nearly everyone knows it. At least everyone who is interested in her does. She catches the eye of several people but ends up in a home where she is given many privileges in exchange for good behavior. However, few things are what they appear to be, including an ending that nearly made me keel over.

The characters are intense extremes, somewhere between hating themselves and hating everyone around them equally. Violet becomes embroiled in a romance, which is extremely forbidden for surrogates. Not to mention the relationships she maintains with the other members of the house plus a surprise friend that somehow keeps finding her.

The world is colorful yet sad at times. It is simplistic yet roiling beneath the surface. An overall interesting read that managed to entertain and keep me guessing. It was somewhat melancholy and felt unsafe the entire time I lived in it but it was well written and distracting.

Goodreads rating: 4 stars

My personal rating: 82

  • Writing style – 9
  • Plot – 7
  • Dialogue – 8
  • Personality of Main Character(s) – 8
  • Love story – 8
  • Invokes emotion – 7
  • Synopsis accuracy – 10
  • Consistent level of interest – 8
  • Stays on topic – 9
  • Accuracy of genre/genre blending – 8

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