Book Review: The Calling

endgameThe end of the world. The literal apocalypse is coming. And no one but 12 kids knows about it or can stop it.

Talk about a bang to open a book. It starts with meteors falling out of the sky and ends with 12 people under the age of 20 running (and flying) around the world to try and keep their line alive. Only one can survive. It has been decreed by the gods who originally created them, and the earth.

It is a game. The Endgame to be exact. And boy, do the players know how to come to win. There are guns and knives and kidnapping. There is torture and the killing of innocents. Not to mention the one heartsick boy who follows the girl who just broke his heart and almost gets his neck broken in the process.

This book wasn’t quite what I imagined and it was a little slow to get into but once you get (and keep) all the characters straight, it becomes a fascinating ride that grips you and won’t let go, even when you wish you could look away. Not to mention that the book is also one big giant puzzle (kind of like Ready Player One or The Eye of Minds had in their plots) with the possibility for a real payout. Complete with pictures and pictographs and coordinates.

The 12 players set out on a journey around the world to save the lives of their line and on the way meet up with obstacles, not just including each other. Plus the guy who wasn’t even supposed to be involved but ends up wreaking havoc all the same. There is a dangerous mute and a dressed up panther masquerading as a man. There are throwing knives and kids who’ve never been outside their own country.

It is an exceedingly well written if intensely complicated book, some of the scenes were a bit hard to stomach or not get emotional about. But then again, I haven’t been blessed with the training that these players have. I expected something like The Hunger Games and ended up with something more like a Stephen King novel. If you want a book to make you think while also being gripping and sometimes entertaining, give the end of the world a try.

Goodreads rating: 4 stars

My personal rating: 89

  • Writing style – 9
  • Plot – 10
  • Dialogue – 9
  • Personality of Main Character(s) – 9
  • Love story – 7
  • Invokes emotion – 10
  • Synopsis accuracy – 7
  • Consistent level of interest – 8
  • Stays on topic – 9
  • Accuracy of genre/genre blending – 10


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