What I’m Reading

currently reading 12.5.14

While I’ve been trying to make time to read, the only time I’m really able to do it now is before bed. Not that I’m complaining, reading before bed is very relaxing to me…unless I get caught up in a plot like with Blood of Olympus.

So what’s on the docket now? Well, I finished Pawn so I picked up Captive from the library, it’s still very much waiting to be read. And then of course, I’ve been reading The Calling for about a month. Not only is it a huge book but it’s also rather intense and gory at times, making me cringe and need to read something else, so I’ve been taking my time with that one.

Heir of Fire is almost finished, hopefully before I go home for the holidays I will have it read. That is also intense and needs to be put down every now and again and I can already feel the itch to read the next one. The series is just so complex and interesting. Plus it features lots of gorgeous, shirtless men. No complaints here 😉

I stumbled upon The Jewel while getting recommendations from Goodreads and it sounded like The Selection mixed with something a little dark, maybe The Young Elites. Either way, I’m pumped to read that!

As for Soulless, it’s by the same author as another series I love, featuring similar and sometimes the same characters (or so I’m told) and I found it on the library shelf and decided to give it a go. Thus far, proving to be a great decision. The main character is a little older but she is feisty which I’m enjoying.

I also possess the next book in Gail Carriger’s Finishing School series but that’s on hold until I finish a few of these others. I’ve just received my first audiobook as well, hopefully something to keep my occupied during the long drive home next week. I’m a very visual person so I’m not sure how well I will like this but it never hurts to try.

What are you reading?


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