Is it just me…

…or should Nutrition Fact labels have accurate serving sizes?gatorade

This is something that he genuinely bothered me for years. Why aren’t companies forced to put the accurate amounts of sodium, fat, and calories into a serving size that the average person will eat? I’m not going to drink a soda in two servings. I’m not going to count out 18 potato chips. I’m not going to separate my Gatorade into 2.5 servings. And I’m definitely not going to at half a can of Campbell’s pre-made soup. It’s just not going to happen.

Sure, maybe I will drink half my Gatorade one day and then half the next. Maybe I will only eat a few chips. But more than likely, I will drink the entire 32 ounces of delicious-ness, particularly after sports or working out or being sick, and I’m going to dump a bunch of chips onto a napkin and eat them, maybe a fourth of the bag (half the bag is air anyway).

I know that companies do this because the accurate serving size would look horrendous on those labels, especially the sodium content in most pre-packaged food, but don’t we have the right to know (without doing math in our heads) how much and of what we are actually consuming?

bc oreoIf there was a way to change this, contact the FDA and pass a law or something, I would be on board with that. Besides, for my favorite foods, I’m going to eat as much as I think I should, not how much a serving size tells me too. If I want to eat six freakin’ Birthday Cake Oreos (instead of the recommended two) then I’m going to do it. How do they even come up with these suggested servings sizes? Who ever eats just two Oreos? Who drinks half a soda? No one that I know.

I watch my caloric intake pretty well on most days. I try to balance my diet with grains, veggies, fruits, and lean meats, but when it comes to choose snacks that are healthier options, those labels can be very deceiving. Just like the ones that say “only 100 calories” or “low fat”, look at the sugar content, that might surprise you.

There has to be a better way to manage this doesn’t there? The United States has some of the fattest people on the planet and if our fast food restaurants now have to tell people how many calories are in a Big Mac or a large fry (which people will consume in one sitting), then shouldn’t we require the same of the people who are making prepackaged food? greek yogurt big mac


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