What I’m Reading

currently reading 11.9.14

I love the feeling that comes when you receive the email that tells you when your books are ready to be picked up from the library. I’m a huge believer in libraries. They are full of information, stories, and facts. I love that they are full of books and smell like books. I don’t care that other people have touched them. I don’t care they are quiet places of solitude, that’s actually pretty perfect for me.

So the books I’m actually reading at the moment are Snow Like Ashes and The Calling. The rest I have waiting to be ushered in, although I may have to start the Nora Roberts before it burns a hole in my desk with the amount of wanting that I’m putting towards it. Although with the way I’m feeling, I’m might just finished by 550 words for NaNoWriMo and crawl back into bed for the afternoon.

Either way, this is what I’m reading. What new books are you diving into?


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  1. I love the ‘your holds are available’ email from the library. I have a system that tells me when a book is in transit from another library within the county and when it arrives at my library. It’s a wonderful feeling. (and I frequently have holds coming to me) As per what I’m reading, mostly Emilie Loring’s from the library, but I have a couple other non fiction books out as well. Corrie ten Boom’s The Hiding Place is out to me since I’ve never read it and my friend raves about it. So many books; so little time!

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