Masks Off

Masks Off.

I think this is a very interesting topic and one that has several answers for me.

Deep down, I’m not sure if I’m just one person or version of myself. I have many sides. I think the me that is happiest however is the one dressed in flannel pajamas bottoms, an oversized tee, and a hoodie with my hair pulled back, my glasses on, wrapped in a blanket and holding a book with a steaming cup of tea beside me.

Not necessarily a side that I let everyone see or one that I would even wear out in public. Besides, if I showed up at a Halloween party like that, I’d be tempted to find a quiet corner and read regardless of what was happening around me.

I wear that “costume” frequently, especially since being in grad school, although I’m more apt to be holding a textbook and drinking water out of my 32oz. Nalgene however. But the basics are still the same. And I’m usually sequestered in my room, away from prying eyes and distractions.

Would I wear my pjs and glasses in public? Pjs, yes. Glasses, no, because I only need them for reading. And I’m actually very self-conscious about them. I had to get glasses as a senior in high school and was none too pleased about that fact. But since I’m really just a nerd deep, deep down, I supposed I would have to brave enough to wear them.


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