Thoughts on Life: Winston Churchill


I’ve recently been struggling under the weight of negativity. And I made a command decision not too long ago that I would try to be more optimistic. Of course, this doesn’t happen over night and I’m definitely not doing it every day. But I’m trying to improve my outlook and attitude on life. I figure that thinking positively will be healthier for me in the long run. I need to stop letting the little things in my daily life get me down or piss me off. The stress and strain of carrying all that around just isn’t worth it.

I am a great admirer of Churchill, a man who tried to make good decisions, even when they weren’t the easiest to make. He put his neck and reputation on the line several time in his young career and it eventually panned out for him. But not without struggle. And where would he be if he had let all of the difficulties hold him back? Probably not the Prime Minister, that’s for sure. So I’m striving to be more like that, to maintain seeing a possibility in the difficult times. Especially in my every day life, because I’m sick of getting upset over the little things and having my day ruined by them. I think it will be much more beneficial to just let them go, take a deep breath and move on.


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