Publisher Spotlight Review: My Granny Loves Hockey

Who doesn’t love hockey?
Also a powerful empowerment story.

The Book Wars


My Granny Loves Hockey by Lori Weber and illustrated by Eliska Liska, Review Copy from Simply Read Books

Granny loves Hockey.

She always has.

But when she was little, girls were not allowed to play.

With the help of her granddaughter, will Granny finally get the chance to fulfill her dream?

In classic Simply Read Books fashion this book is equal parts beautiful and charming with a dash of heart.

Readers enter, in first person, the story of a young girl and her hockey loving Granny. Together they  watch hockey, they talk about hockey and they dream about hockey, but they don’t play hockey together because Granny no longer walks and therefore, cannot skate. Granny, who as a child wasn’t allowed to play hockey because she was a girl, is wheeled out to the park by her granddaughter where she gives loud (and helpful) commentary while she watches kids play. Her granddaughter doesn’t stay at the park very…

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