Book Review: Crown of Midnight

crown of midnightI said this on my Twitter when I finished the book and I’ll say it here again: Drop whatever you are do and go read this book! Of course you should probably read Throne of Glass first because that is book one but definitely start this series!

This second installment finds us face to face with the King’s Champion, Celaena. She is going about her job, obeying the orders of the king, and killing enemies of the crown. But that’s not all that’s happening. When an old friend is listed as her next target, Celaena quickly finds herself mired in a mystery that even she has trouble solving.

Things are never as they appear to be in this world and Celaena knows that better than anyone. So on top of finding out her friend might be a traitor, there is also suspicion about Princess Nehemia’s motives and actions, and a creepy cousin to the Crown Prince added another layer of disturbing. Celaena is hearing nothing but silence from her ghostly benefactor, Elena, which becomes particularly troubling as the castle starts to reveal secrets of its own.

Monsters, mayhem, and murder, this book has it all. Magic is coming back to the kingdom and Celaena might actually be falling in love; two things no one ever thought would happen. The Champion doesn’t know who to trust anymore and after a deadly game goes wrong, her world is truly turned upside down, forcing her to unleash the beast inside herself.

I cannot express how much I loved this book. It was creepy and a little scary at times, I even found myself crying and shaking from the onslaught of emotions that were conveyed to me from the writing. Maas is a master of her craft and she builds a world that is beautiful and deadly at the same time. You couldn’t look away even if you are tempted to.

I was glad to see the progression of “happy” emotions even if I knew they wouldn’t last. And digging deeper into the mystery of Celaena, I found my initial suspicions of her to be accurate, even though I was beyond excited when I finally read the truth. (If you’ve read the first one, you know what I’m talking about.) She is complex and simple at the same time. She is a young adult shouldering more than her fair share of pain and triumph and you can see all that taking its toll.

This is a brilliantly written and executed second book and I can’t wait to read the next one.

Goodreads rating: 5 stars

My personal rating: 96

  • Writing style – 10
  • Plot – 10
  • Dialogue – 10
  • Personality of Main Character(s) – 9
  • Love story – 9
  • Invokes emotion – 10
  • Synopsis accuracy – 8
  • Consistent level of interest – 10
  • Stays on topic – 10
  • Accuracy of genre/genre blending – 10

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