One-Way Street

One-Way Street.

The past OR the future. Which would I most like to live in? That would be the past. Which actually sounds rather bad if you think about it.

But I’d rather live in a simpler time when people actually cared about and interacted with one another. Here’s what I would do:

Since mainly time machines can’t travel locations, I would take mine up to Boston and leave from there. I would travel to the late 1800s. Post-Lincoln and The Civil War. Within 10 years of Ford creating the motorized vehicle.  I wouldn’t mind seeing my little part of the world from horseback or on foot.

I would be quite content to roam around the parks with my beau and friends, sipping tea, and enjoying the salty, less polluted air. I’d like that the men would be in suits, even if I had to wear a full gown.

A progressive society where I couldn’t vote but one moving towards that. I could be a part of something more. I wouldn’t have a large voice but I could still do more than sit around playing on my smartphone and talking about change.

I think the past suits me better. Perhaps, I simply have an old soul. Maybe I’m just a dewy-eyed romantic who pictures an idealized version of what came before. Regardless, I would be happier back then than shooting ahead to the unknown future.


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