365 Poems: September 28th, 2014


Real Girl; No Name

Angels and Demons

I’d say we’re all the same,

but that would be cheating,

wouldn’t it?

Because you,

you’re something of a different nature

standing on the far left shoulder of this world

where the music’s better

but the costumes are cheap.

Now I’m not saying you’re not frightening,

but the cliche’s been there

since the snake first stuck out its tongue.

Isn’t it time for a change?


Well certainly, good man!

Don’t you think you should try

your own values?

After all,

it must get very boring on top of that tree

and I’m sure that you wish for out-of-tune harps

and an inverted rainbow

maybe once, for a change.

The race car drivers write your names on their sleeves,

but what’s the fun of the game

if we don’t give the track its twists and turns?

Maybe you should follow your own rules.


None of this…

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