louboutinAs an admitted shopaholic, I will be the first to say that sometimes retail therapy can help when you’re down. I’m not advocating spending more than you have but even window shopping can have a calming effect.

In the case of the quote above, shoe designer Christian Louboutin is also trying to send a positive message. You’ve heard “the shoes make the man”? Well, in this case, it’s the shoes that make the woman.

Too often women are stuck in places where they don’t feel sexy or desirable. But you know the secret first step to changing that?


The most attractive people in the world are usually some of the most confident (not arrogant). They understand that carrying themselves in a certain way can have a profound affect on how the rest of the world views them. So the next time you’re having a crappy day or want to put yourself in a better mood, change your outfit.

It could be as simple as putting on your favorite dress or walking around in a pair of very high heels. A small change can improve the way you see yourself and if you see yourself in a more positive way, so will others.


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