Writing 101: A Room with a View (or Just a View)

Writing 101: A Room with a View (or Just a View).

The ultimate oasis for writing for me would be a cabin in the woods. Not a large cabin and not in the middle of the nowhere woods, although it would have to be in New England somewhere. I’d need access to a town of decent size, at least containing a Wal-Mart. Plus trails around the area and a neighbor within 2 miles. I want to be secluded but I don’t want to be alone.

My front door would open in the middle of the kitchen and living room and directly across from the staircase to go up. The back door would be on the right on the far side of the kitchen, with a small bench to sit on to take off my muddy boots and both doors would have hooks for jackets and scarves.

I’d need a large kitchen with an island and a flattop grill. It would also preferably have a fridge of Gatorade, a collection of various coffees and teas, and the ingredients to make grilled cheese.

I’d like the living room to be simply a couch and an array of bookshelves, one which conceals a television to minimize distraction. It would also have a window seat with a plethora of pillows on which I would recline when reading or writing.

The bathroom would be off this room and would have to contain a shower with a deep tub and a washer and dryer plus the essentials. The counter space would be wide, oddly I’d like a sink that isn’t perfectly centered so I could have one side of it lined with my various lotions and potions. I’d also like to have a counter beside the washer/dryer stack so I could fold clothes, take out my delicates before transferring items to the dryer, etc.

Up the narrow staircase would be my bedroom/study. The staircase would go up and then veer to the right where it would maintain a loft view of my living room. Opposite that would be a wall of large picture windows. The queen sized bed would dominate the right third of the room, also with at least a half dozen large pillows plus ones I would actually sleep on.

There would be a desk set up against the big window in the center of the room so I could look out on to the forest while I wrote. There would be a chaise on the loft balcony overlooking the living room. Plus another bookshelf or two. I would also need a walk-in closet on the far left. A place for the essential clothing I would bring (plus other various items such as towels and linens) and a way to keep it out of the way. Shelves for my shoes and spots to hang my purses and bags.

To complete this nearly perfect picture, I would also require the presence of several animals. As much as I love cats, I think I would have to limit myself to one, maybe two. Definitively indoor cats as I want something to curl up on my lap while I work, outdoor cats tend to be too independent for that. One would have to be a black cat named Poe.

But the piece de resistance would be my dogs, names undecided. One would be a goofy Golden Retriever, male preferably. The other would be a beautiful Alaskan Malamute, female preferably. If I had to pick a third, it would be a sturdy Bernese Mountain Dog. I need creatures to roam the woods with who won’t be pestering me or talking at me when I’m trying to think. Plus they would be a great excuse to continue to be active. Walking in the woods is known to clear my mind and it would be nice to have a furry companion or five.

I think that’s all, my complete picture, my writer’s dream.


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