30 Days of Painting, Day 16: A Medieval Doodle

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For 30 days I’ll be doing one painting per day. My goal is to turn a hobby into a daily practice, and become more comfortable with the paint brush.

Day 16: A Medieval Doodle

I didn’t have much in mind when I set out to do my daily painting today. I took out the paints and a piece of paper, and just kind of let myself doodle. I ended up with a neat looking bit of lettering (ok, so it’s just one letter). I’m limited to just my travel paint kit and single brush, but sometimes it’s fun to just use what it’s in front of you.


It’s a bit of a carnival, but I had fun with the bright colors after yesterday’s ghost wash. And for the close up:


You know, a carnival doesn’t sound like a bad idea for my next painting…

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