Grad School

Obviously grad school is kicking my ass. I have not forgotten you, my followers, I swear!

3 hours of reading/homework for every hour of class is intense (18 hours). Plus the actual classes (9 hours). Plus my part-time job (20 hours). Doesn’t leave a whole lot of time for sleep (30-35 hours). Or eating (15 hours). Or pleasure reading (? hours).

My 7 days a week seem to have become a lot shorter. I’m updating the important posts now and I’m resigning myself to not being able to post Tuesday-Thursday which is massively disappointing. I tried to think of lots of interesting things to say over the weekend but kept coming up blank. And realized, I set my Top Ten Tuesday list to run on September 19, not 9th. Oy.

Also coming at you will be book reviews for The Book of Life and Transfixion!

Get pumped.


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