The Itch I Can’t Scratch

old books

Do you ever get that itch?

The one that makes you want to stay up late?

The one that makes you push other things to the backburner and then commiserate for doing so later?

Yes, I’m talking about books. What else would it be?

I find myself in a constant state of trying not to re-read books that I love and have already read a thousand or more times. But it’s almost like the more stressed I become, the worse the itch gets. Maybe I need the comfort of a good book, maybe there is a pull to revisit a lesson learned, maybe I’m looking for an escape to a world with which I am already familiar.

Does this ever happen to you?

I think it’s only gotten worse because I see people reading the books that I love or a preview for the next movie installment (yes, Mockingjay). But I don’t have time to re-read. I need to read and absorb new ideas and plots and characters. But the itch is under my skin and I think if I succumb to it now, with all the added reading for grad school, I won’t be able to accomplish my goal of 100 new books for the year.

It might be a bit silly but it’s an honest struggle. Sometimes I think I need more than one version of myself to complete all of the personal and professional goals in my life. Otherwise, Harry Potter or The Chronicles of Narnia might end up consuming what little free time I have now.


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