Cast Change

Cast Change.

This is such a fun daily prompt!

My favorite show is Supernatural but I don’t know that I could change any of the actors on it and have it still be that awesome. Plus the show only has like 2-3 main characters. But let’s try.


For those of who you don’t know, here is a brief blurb about the show:

Dean and Sam are the Winchester brothers who are unexpectedly drawn back together after years of separation when their dad goes missing. They were raised on the road helping their father to hunt the evil in the world: werewolves, vampires, demons, ghosts, etc. Later in the show they encounter a larger array of characters both evil and benign but there are a lot of shades of grey in this show which makes it complex and interesting.


So if I had to do replacements, I would cast myself as Dean and my younger sister as Sam. I think we have the best familial relationship that can translated to on screen fun.

I think our mom would actually be cast as their dad (John Winchester) because she is more of a hardass, get-shit-done person, but I would have my dad cast as “Bobby”, who is their mentor in later seasons and an old family friend.

The yellow-eyed demon is an interesting one, I think I would cast my friend Leslie for that role. Her voice and attitude would work wonders for the character.

Fellow Hunters, Ellen & Jo, a mother/daughter team would be my Uncle Paul, the one trying to protect his daughter from getting involved with another Winchester, and my friend Krysten, the one who goes behind her mom’s back to get involved with a case after being told “no”.

Ash, electronics expert and resident weirdo would be my friend Tony the Tiger. He has a beard instead of a mullet but I think it could work.

Castiel is an angel and friend and for him, I think I would pick my friend Alex, because the dead pan humor and the lost in translation aspect are things that I think she would do well.

The Trickster is a pivotal character although we don’t see him often, so I would cast my older sister as him. The character actually has more depth than we first think and her personality would bring a lot of life to the role.

Sheriff Jody Mills would definitely be my Aunt Lynn. She is tough enough to get it done but the first appearance/relationship with her child would be well done by her.

Kevin would be my friend Kosha. She is the intelligent, hyper-focused one who would be totally blown away (and terrified) by the idea that she is a prophet for God.

Garth, I would have to cast my older sister’s boyfriend, Tom for this part. He is tall and geeky, quietly in control but not taken seriously until he shows up and kicks ass.

I don’t think I’m missing any major characters. some of them are from later seasons, so I hope that’s not too confusing. If you’re into the show, I hope you enjoyed this and definitely let me know your family/friends casting!


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