It is just me…

…or did television programming used to be better?

That’s not to say that there aren’t some shows on that are worth watching. I personally love “Once Upon a Time”, “Melissa & Joey”, “The Last Ship”, and “Supernatural”. But I feel like the majority of shows aren’t that interesting or are sort of pointless. The History Channel, The Discovery Channel, and Animal Planet remain pretty actively awesome but other networks have sort of tuned out to what I would watch on TV.

Even when I watch kids’ stations like Disney, I’m a little shocked at how mediocre they actually are. For example “Good Luck Charlie” and “I Didn’t Do It” don’t really teach life lessons. It is mostly slapstick comedy with idiotic or absentee parents. Where are the “Boy Meets World” and “Saved by the Bell” shows that I loved as an adolescent? Where are the difficult topics like child abuse, drug use, sex in high school, and being an outcast? Where are the shows that gave us examples and pushed us into being better people?

And don’t even get me started on “Girl Meets World”. That show makes me cringe at how bad it is. I can’t comprehend a world where Cory and Topanga are still that naive after having and raising two children of their own. There are some comments that I can’t believe are being made. What happened to the good, strong role models like Mr. and Mrs. Matthews and Mr. Feeny? Where are the restrictions and the boundaries and the rules?

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think that television programming is much good these days. Perhaps that’s why I would rather read and imagine the story as it comes to life on the page than sit and become a mindless drone.

Although, I will confess to an infrequent binge of classics like “Malcolm in the Middle” or “Scrubs” on Netflix. You know, the good stuff.



  1. I think the change has come from television for kids being more censored. Parents today are a lot more vocal about what there kids watch and they don’t want to see their kids seeing people drink or do drugs even if it helps children learn not to do it themselves. That’s why today children program is so juvenile the parents protest at every serious issues they add to the program.

    1. I actually didn’t consider that, not having kids myself. That’s an excellent point!
      It’s still ridiculous and disheartening that television can’t be used as a learning tool like it used to be however. Unless you’re watching PBS.

      1. I completely agree! I understand that parents don’t want their kids seeing bad behaviors, but addressing those issues rather than avoiding them altogether promotes important dialogue. I feel like there are two extremes on TV: overly sexual programs such as various reality shows that have to bleep every few words and glorify people making bad decisions, or cutesy shows that create a bubble, perpetuate ignorance and fail to reflect the world kids live in are trying to navigate on their own….But that’s just my opinion. 🙂

      2. I think that’s an accurate opinion. Ignoring the issues just means kids will find other ways to get information about them. And probably not from good influencers.

        And I absolutely LOATHE reality TV. It’s not reality. It’s drama.

  2. I loved Malcolm in the MIddle!
    “Yes no maybe, I don’t know! Can you repeat the question? You’re not the boss of me now!”
    Haha 😀 Although to be honest I also find programming weird these days. Last month I found myself on Youtube watching old episodes of BraceFace. BraceFace! And the funny thing is I couldn’t get enough of Sharon Spitz 😀 😀 😀

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