Reading Isn’t Cool

classicsI follow a blogger named Jamie and she posted a really interesting revelation this morning that I want to share with all of you. It’s entitled “I Got The Message Loud & Clear: Reading Isn’t Cool” and it’s about her struggle as a bookworm child. How her family judged her and thought she was a quiet and socially awkward girl because she preferred reading than most other activities. And how that caused her to become a closet bookworm that had to hide her reading habits from her family and friends.

Has this happened to you?

I’ve never experienced this with my family but I definitely had this happen in high school. Jamie said “Being a bookworm held such negative connotations and even more so in middle school and high school where so many kids would proclaim how boring and uncool they thought reading was.” And this is how my peers viewed it also. If you did the reading assignments for class or even read outside of class, you were considered to be an extreme nerd or a goody-goody.

Why does learning and being a good student have such a stigma? I never understood that. I am in school to learn. I may not like all the subjects I’m being taught and I may not seen the relevance they will have to my life (i.e. geometry, trigonometry, and most other maths & sciences) but they will make me a more well-rounded person. A view that became even more important when I went to college. Yes, I was there to study Management, but I needed a social science and English classes too. I hated taking math classes in high school but if I hadn’t, then I wouldn’t have been able to pass my required accounting classes in college.

But back to the subject at hand. As I pointed out in my previous post, reading is a useful tool to keep your mind and wits sharp and will be beneficial in the long run. We have become a world that cares more about celebrities, even ones in other countries, more than our authors and artists. Don’t be shy to pick up a book every now and again. It’s okay to have reading as a hobby. Even if other people see it as just “sitting around”, you know the value of an adventure in the pages and escaping to another world. So live it, thrive in it, and enjoy it!



  1. I went to a private school in High School, and we all read the assignments, so I avoided a lot of the stigma there. Now that I am no longer in school is when I am starting to see the lines. I have always loved reading, but now that I am not reading for school I am reading a lot more fiction, and I read a lot more than any of my friends. From what I hear it just seems that a lot of my friends are too tired from their daily lives to read, or they get bored easily with a story – neither of which I understand.

    1. I attended private school my whole life and most kids just read the sparknotes versions to get by. Unless the teacher gave in depth pop-quizzes, which several of them did, just to make sure you were reading and not skimming or reading the sparknotes. And for the classes that you “could” read sparknotes, there was some stigma if you read the actual book, which I always did, instead of taking the easy way out. I have no idea why. Even as a student athlete, I found the time to read what was required and play sports and be in clubs. Maybe it’s a motivation factor?
      I definitely agree with not understanding being too tired or bored to read, it’s a mystery to me!

  2. I remember reading in high school and the cool kids would pass by me making snarky comments like, “Wow. There she is, reading a book as usual.”
    I just shrugged my shoulders because usually the book was really really good!

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