Write a letter to myself to be opened once the 1001 days are over

Great idea! Could be something great for everyone to try.


101 things in 1001 days

So today I finished one of the points on the list that I have been putting off. Due to it being opened at the end of the a 1001 days it was pivotal to get this letter written and stored away. However something in me couldnt do it. It’s odd because writing a letter to yourself seems pretty easy but it wasn’t, and thinking about it I understand why. I don’t know who I’m writing too; see in two and three-quarter years I am going to (hopefully) be a completely different person. Potentially, I am working my dream job, reading and editing books, living in the city, maybe with a new partner, but what if I’m not. What if my life takes a completely different path and instead it goes almost backwards and I am in the still place that I am in now. That is the difficulty with the…

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