365 Poems: August 26th, 2014

#Englishmajorproblems #bookloverproblems

Real Girl; No Name

In My Element

“You can’t have fun writing a history paper,”

is what my friends would say.

Ah, but you see, this page is my mic

and your eyes all watch as I start the show.

I clear my desk like I would clear the dance floor

from the wanna-be stories and tales.

It’s a tough assignment, but I’m up for the job.

There’s been a teacher I couldn’t crack,

because I get what they mean

and I see where they go.

all those metaphors of blue curtains

just come naturally to me.

So yes I have fun

on my Microsoft stage

and yes I show off

when it’s time to turn it in.

Because here, I’m in my element,

and in this race, I will win.


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