What if women ruled the world?

terps presentI attended my grad school orientation today and noticed something interesting about the panel.

4 out of the 5 participants were women.

Not to say that this is any indicator or statistic of anything but imagine for a minute what the world would be like if all forms of government in the United States (or your country) were like this. What if the majority power holders were women and not men? What would that look like? What would be the impact on public policy and decision-making?

The woman on the far left is the second female Treasurer in the history of the state of Maryland, and the only woman to currently hold a Constitutional office. And she said many things that spoke to me but one in particular was her comment about how people are no longer taught how to respect one another and that is why we have an unsuccessful political environment (basically why we live in a society where people are selfish and the government doesn’t get anything done.)

Do you think that’s true?

How do you think putting more women in office would affect change? Would it?

I think so. I think that men are more egotistical and more easily bought than women. You rarely seen anything in the news about scandals involving female political figures. I think that more women in office would be more likely to get sh*t done. Because they are less likely, in my mind, to forget about who they are actually working for. Plus women are naturally better multi-taskers, eympathizers, and peace-makers. If the world of academia can be well-run by women, why can’t the greater world benefit from this lifestyle as well?



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