“If this is a deterioration in my brain, then more, please.”

I couldn’t agree more with Andrew. I think this is a great insight into the different ways that writers now have of connecting and interacting with their readers (and fans) and love that anyone can have a voice. But at the same time, it can make it more complicated to clear out the noise and focus on a long-term project when you get the added benefit of a back and forth discussion and idea-bouncing.
Ironically, his point about working on finding that time and space is why I chose to go back to school. As a writer (and avid reader), I want to preserve the conversations that people are having online and the impact that these discussions are having on others inside and outside of the sphere. I want to continue to widen the circle of discussion and show people how communication can improve the thought process, increase levels of open-mindedness, and allow people to admit their mistakes in their own voice.

The Daily Post

Blogging hasn’t been around for that long, historically speaking, but it’s already transformed the way writers seek and find their audience and become members of larger communities.

Here’s Andrew Sullivan, one of the blogosphere’s earliest — and most successful — citizens, weighing in (back in 2010) on writing, interaction, and striking a balance between different modes of expression:

I’m a writer by profession and it’s totally clear to me that since I started blogging, the amount I write has increased exponentially, my daily interactions with the views of others have never been so frequent, the diversity of voices I engage with is far higher than in the pre-Internet age — and all this has helped me become more modest as a thinker, more open to error, less fixated on what I do know, and more respectful of what I don’t. If this is a deterioration in my brain, then…

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