Anxious People

anxiety keep calmIt can be so exhausting to explain that I am anxious person and most of the time, it’s a pretty obvious thing. Even people who are just getting to know me realize it. However, the biggest downside is how people perceive or judge me based on this. They either think that I’m constantly upset with them, or that I’m insane. And while the definition of insanity is repeating something but expecting a different result, I know that I’m not insane. Well, at least not entirely. I do have my moments. But most of the time, I’m just worrying. Outside factors have a ripple effect that can contribute to my mood, my behavior, and my general nonsensicalness. But luckily, I have discovered an article that will help to explain to my non-anxious friends and life co-journeyers how I’m feeling, and give the other anxious people in my life the chance to pass on this wisdom.

1. It doesn’t have to do with you.

2. Never try to talk us out of our emotions.

3. Part of us knows that our fears aren’t rational, but we can’t shake the part that doesn’t.

4. We are grateful for what we have—and for you.

5. We know you can’t always see things from our perspective, but we appreciate you trying.

6. We wish we could turn it off, but we can’t.

7. It doesn’t define us.

As one who deals with OCD, I particularly struggle with numbers 3 & 6, and spend most of my time explaining number 7. But the worse is definitely #2, I absolutely cannot stand when people tell me to “calm down” or “relax”. I get it, I’m acting irrational, but telling me not to do that will not make me be able to. No one is perfect but remember that each of us have own quirks and yes, sometimes they do mellow with age. For the full article, click here.



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