Teen Topic Tuesday: Responsibility


Now before you stop reading because you think this will be just another post about how lazy or irresponsible teenagers are, I ask you to dig a little deeper and keep reading.

While it’s true that some teenagers don’t take responsibility for their actions, and choose to do things that are harmful to themselves or others, I think it’s great that there are now so many organizations dedicated to promoting healthy living, getting active, and helping out in the community. And teens are playing an active role in many of them.

And yes, there have been more school shootings in the last decade and there has been greater emphasis on gun control, but gun deaths per year have actually declined. More importantly, we should recognize the strides that our young people are making to prevent bullying in schools that can lead to depression and gun violence. I would also like to point out that teen pregnancy rates have actually declined in the last 20 years despite the media hype that makes everyone assume the worst. And then there is the texting and driving debacle and pledges to not do so.

So I want to take a minute to recognize all of you who are trying to make a difference. I firmly believe in shaping the leaders of tomorrow, today. Every act of kindness, every movement towards eliminating bullying, every step taken to decrease violence in schools and better the quality of education, each one helps promote a better way of life for the future.

As a human being, I love the feeling of hope that I’m given when I see someone perform a small kindness. I love that people haven’t completely lost faith in humanity (even cynics like me). Because if we all try just a little harder to be a better person then we have a chance to make the world a better place.


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