Is it just me…

…or is Hollywood running out of ideas?

It seems like you can’t go to the movies these days without half the titles being based on books, comics, or previous Hollywood films. There are series that keep just getting dragged out for no reason, re: Transformers, Fast & Furious, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc., and movies that are based on books. And of course those are always hailed as being “best-sellers” but are they really? Or did they only become best-sellers once people found out they were being made into books? Not to mention that they are severely changing some of the plots of these books to make them more appealing to the masses, re: The Giver.

As for the series, when Michael Bay, king of the Autobots franchise, states that he might be giving it up to “pursue other interests”, isn’t that a key indicator that Hollywood should just let the films taper off into a natural death? Wouldn’t that be kinder than making nearly 3 hours of explosions with little plot to back them up?

I find the whole thing fascinating yet disturbing. Hollywood is running out of legs to stand on. It’s like what they say about Shakespeare, he wrote every major plot line that could ever be conceived. So what’s happened to all of the originality that used to be present? Where are the bold new ideas that provide a nice dose of shock & awe to our sometimes cattle-like minds?

Although, I would also like to point out that perhaps the original ideas might be a little hard to swallow or too difficult to make into movies. Take “Lucy” for example. An interesting plot, somewhat well done, but took a very strange twist midway through the movie. I have to hand it to those Hollywood promo editors though, they certainly know how to make a trailer appealing, even if it is completely misleading about the plot of the film.



  1. Too true. It’s like my brother and I always complain: how many superhero movies do we need? There was Spiderman, and now The Amazing Spiderman, and all the connected ones like Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, The Avengers, Batman, Superman, etc. It’s exhausting and every time I watch a new one I feel like I’m looking at some recycled story with more or less the same moral behind it.

    1. Whoa, now there I disagree. I’ll give you the whole Spiderman/Amazing Spiderman and all the Superman movies (with different actors playing Superman) which definitely bother me, but the majority of the others are pretty good. I personally love to see the growth of the characters from man into hero. They have distinct personalities and you can’t truly enjoy “The Avengers” unless you’ve seen all of the character movies. I don’t think you can lump all superhero movies into one heading, but I do think it’s annoying that all recent action movies seem to be superheroes.

      1. Well, yeah. Avengers and all of them are pretty awesome šŸ˜‰ I can’t lie about that, I’m already looking forward to Avengers Age of Ultron, haha.

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