Travel Anxiety

AnxietyFor someone who loves to travel as much as I do, you would think that I would handle it better. Instead, I find myself pacing anxiously and becoming nauseated while I countdown the hours and then minutes until I leave. It’s funny because once I get going and am firmly seated in the car or on the plane, I am totally fine. I have very little fear or anxiety left, it is the build-up, the waiting that leaves me breathless and squirming in my seat.

I couldn’t sleep last night, which is par for the course before major events, partly from excitement and partly from anxiety. So instead, I went on a very successful Melissa & Joey binge with my new Netflix account. It was great. I was able to laugh and relax and finally put travel out of my head. And I also learned that Netflix is super addicting.

Distraction is the key with me (and most other people). The more you focus on the source of your panic, the more likely your panic is to continue to increase. So I have my breathing exercises prepped and ready to do and a friend on speed dial in case I really can’t handle it. But at least my suitcase is mostly filled and I have my second cup of coffee in hand, so let the day begin,

I have prepared a list of everything that I need to do before I go, all the things I still have to pack, and I’m feeling pretty confident. Although I do have to keep telling myself that forgetting something won’t be the end of the world. I’m only going to visit family after all!

world travel



    1. I think it’s more of the idea of everything that could go wrong and ruin my trip that makes me anxious. I love exploring new places but getting there is stressful.

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